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sam0617- posted on the thread that was used for about a day so I'll tell you again here. 4 boxes to a pack. They are $10 but often on sale for around $8.

Posted by Showgirlaz
OK ... NSV alert!
I decided to go through my last amount of "when I used to be small clothes - all size 8 and 10". I could get them all on!!! Even the items I wore at the end of high school, 23 years ago! I was shocked! I am a good 20 pounds heavier than back then. And, it is the same clothing! They were a tad snug but not bad. All zipped, no uni-boob looks, and could sit. The 10's were a pretty good fit and the 8's are almost right. SOOO..... boyfriend and I went shopping. When we were at Nordstrom's I tried on several items. I have always wanted some designer jeans and clothes and haven't been able to fit them. GUESS WHAT! The sizes I picked were TOO BIG!! YEAH! What I finally found was that I can were size 29 jeans/jean shorts and size 10 dresses! My bustline is too big for anything smaller right now. I was shocked. I was even told by another shopper that my legs looked skinny in the pair of jeans I had on! I didn't say it, just smiled with a thank you, but thought "OH, HONEY! If you had only see these thighs at a size 30 inches 5 months ago!" LOL
Feeling pretty good about how things are going!

As you should be Carla!! Congratulations to you...and to want2 run for moving from the 3s into the 2ssssssssssssssss.:congrat :
I can't wait to have your experience. 5 pounds until I get to the 170sss--But I feel like from 170 on down the real fun with clothes begins... I wore a size 8 for a long time once. Can't wait to get there again!
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lbs of fat. I lose a lot of weight on this diet, feel great doing it & keep it LOST. And so it is! Phase 2-8/26/2010 (then gained 34 lbs) Phase 1 AGAIN 7/15/2011

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