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BibBob ... I've been a card carryin' member of calorie counters/fitday for so long that I've found myself pretty much unable to eat without tracking. So, most of the time I track my foods and percentages of fats, carbs and protein in
After the ice cream, my carbs were waaaay too high in comparison to my fats and protein ... so I ate bacon and eggs.

And since I'm up early and have lots of time ... I'll explain that a little more.
When I first started primal blueprint I lost several pounds fast. Out of habit and curiosity I tracked my foods and was amazed to find that someone my size could lose weight on 1600, 1700 or 1800 cals. And when my losses slowed, I was happy to have that reference to see what I could tweak. It's also been handy to have when friends ask about that sort of thing.

Hi Colleen! So nice to have you here!
As time goes by, I find myself returning to Sisson's website when I have question about primal. It's really comprehesive. I've jealously guarded my book for a couple of months but ... I caught a coworker researching fertility meds on Friday. I offered to give her some weblinks. She then followed me to a private corner to learn more. 35 y o already had a bowel surgery, her DH has a terrible family cardiac history (and a history of his own already)... I will lend my book to them

Cheeky ... you stick with us hon, we'll help you. Would you mind telling us your height and weight?
... Susan
Eat good food. Move yourself. Lift something.
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