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Originally Posted by Mom22 View Post
thanks for the nice comments chicks! It's going to be a long one so settle in - I love to share - that's what this site is about - I don't post often but I do read and catch up fairly regularily. I follow your stories, experiences, successes, weddings, birthdays, marital challenges, searches for protein options, vacations and weight struggles. Personally I love to hear about it all and wouldn't dream of suggesting that we only talk about IP on this forum. Those discussions are what make us real people who are dealing with real lives and all that entails.

I weighed 200 lbs when I started - and didn't even know what to set my goal weight at - would this diet work, could i stay on it, could i afford it - i pulled 160 out of the air - wowee if I could weigh 160 I'd be in heaven! As i got into the diet and realized i could do it - even if only 1 pound at a time - and as i got closer to 160, i changed my goal weight to a goal size. I wanted to go into a store and try on size 10 and have them fit. And at 160 I wasn't ready - still wanted to look better - who knew that my dream weight wasn't low enough - human nature to want more I guess. I dropped my goal weight to 150 and when i lost 45 lbs i reminded my counsellor that i was at 90% and I moved to Phase 2.

I got the naysayers, people who told me I'd gain it all back, those who told me i was getting too skinny (are you kidding!) and ones who couldn't deal with me changing (my sister is the worst - I think it's part of the roles we're supposed to play within families and I'm supposed to be the fat sister - she's supposed to be the thin one) - but you do get the nicest compliments which more than offsets those negative ones - and you get to buy new clothes (and shoes too).

I did Phase 2 for 2 weeks and continued to lose. Phase 2 isn't a lot different - instead of protein packet at lunch, eat protein. I was also ready to move on - I was having a hard time staying motivated and really just ready - this "funk" seemed more serious than before when I just struggled for a day or two - i needed to take a break but didn't want to gain. I moved to Phase 3 for a couple of weeks and loved it. Finally I could eat fruit, have a slice of bread... Continued to lose and moved to maintenance at 150.3. Wanted to hit 150 but whatever. As I said in an earlier post, I had a blowout weekend but did Phase 1 (not IP packets but the Dr. Tran Unbalanced diet protocal which IP was developed around) yesterday and watched what I ate - weighed 145 this morning - so it works.

I really watch labels and have changed my food buying - I have peanut butter but it's no salt/no sugar, i eat bread but it's 12 grain, pasta but the Smart Pasta that's whole grain, etc. Drinks - no beer - but vodka, sparkling perrier, splash of diet ginger ale and squirt of lemon. It's a lifestyle change really. Works for me - it will work for you chicks too.
thank you for sharing!!!!

well I'm on week 7 now and getting frustrated... maybe I have not been strict enough, but I have tried my best without losing my mind (had a teaspoon of Peanut Butter the other night, so sue me!) when I get hungry enough that it hurts I just have to get something!

I love that everyone is having wonderful losses with IP, 5 and 6lbs a week... I sure as heck need a few weeks of that too!!!

I started the "no meats" thing yesterday and no change in the scale yet ...hmph > hehehe yes I am very impatient as I have a wedding to do! LOL

Maybe I wasn't heavy enough in the first place? although I've seen some of you who only wanted to lose 10 to 15 lbs get that results quick too... uh my body drives me nuts (can you tell I'm having one of those days? hahahaha)

Hope this week kicks it in the rear and gets things moving!

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