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It is really hard not to weigh every day. I've been doing that, too. I started with Wii Fit Plus over the weekend. They have this thing that weighs you. Of course it is going to fluctuate and I could just kill that shrill little voice when it says "you gained a little today" Dirty little sucker....

Goddess....I read your post and I know this diet is difficult when there are other family members to consider. Have you thought about trying to get the rest of your family to eat healthier? I don't mean cold turkey, but changing some of their snacks slowly. Maybe Kix instead of Fruit Loops or real cheese or popcorn instead of Cheez Its(those are my favorite, too)or fruit instead of cookies. Just thinking about this being a life changing situation for everyone. I know in my family we had lots of mashed potatoes, gravy, sweets, etc. I was skin over bones till about 30. And then you all know what happened. I never learned to eat right. So, I am trying to change that. My daughter has always had a weight problem and she has learned to eat healthy(in spite of my cooking). So, I am going to save the "good" stuff for special occassions and try to keep on track with healthy food for my family most of the time. So far I am not getting any flack. DH and I both need to keep our cholesteral down and we are looking forward to the health fair in a couple months so we can see just how well we are doing. Maybe if you wean your kids off the junk they will learn how important it is to eat healthy. My girlfriend and her daughter are on IP also. Her daughter is 15 and struggles because of school, sports and friends. But, one thing she said was that she really noticed how much "junk" everyone eats all the time. She never realized it until she wasn't eating it, too. Sorry this got so long. Goddess, how old are your kids?
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