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"The Slow Down Diet: Eating for Pleasure, Energy, & Weight Loss," by Marc David.

The final page of the book:

* Before you test the chemistry of your body, taste your tears.
* Before you take a drug, meditate, reflect, and pray.
* Before you limit yourself with a diet, expand yourself with love.
* Before you lose a pound, gain an insight.
* Before you exercise, be still.
* Before you attempt to cast out a bad habit, thank it for its teachings.
* Before you harm yourself in thought, word, or deed, pause.
* Before you allow someone dominion over your body, awaken.
* Before you seek advice, remember your wisdom.
* Before you speak, make sure it's an improvement on silence.
* Before you're intimate with another, touch the sacred.
* Before you fall ill, catch yourself.
* Before you lapse into fear, choose light.
* Before you believe in a world absent of a Creator, give birth.
* Before you remember your divine purpose, celebrate its imminent arrival.
* Before you eat, give gratitude.
* Before you sit for long hours, dance
* Before you arise, bless everything.
* Before you sleep, do the same.
* Before you live another day, agree to be here in your fullness.
* And before you breathe another breath, choose eternity, choose love, choose now.
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