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I had a delicious dinner tonight - a 5 oz chicken breast marinaded in WF Balsamic Dressing served on a bed of butter lettuce & roasted cauliflower; I drizzled olive oil & sea salt over the top and it tasted like forbidden food Best meal I've had yet on IP!

Almost finished my first week and it's getting easier and easier every day

Showgirlaz - I'm looking forward to hitting our birthday goals together, it will be nice to have the motivation and encouragement

Regarding the cost of food: my coach charges $27 per box of food, and there are 7 packages per box. We can mix and match rather than having to buy a whole box of one thing. She charged $45 for the three kinds of vitamins, but the cal-mag is a three month supply so I think she said it would be $28 for the vitamins monthly until the cal-mag runs out again.
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