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Originally Posted by Dragwah View Post
Hey all,

um I'm a newbi at the running thing. Have tried it before and always had the same issue that nancylmm is having "I notice that I am breathing too fast almost to hyperventilate how do I stop that??". Currently I can't go more then a block and 1/2 before I can't breath, I can walk hours at a time, but its the breathing that's consistently scarring me from running. Any advice on regulating breathing?

btw, I don't have asthma (anymore), and my lungs are good. Is it just a matter of pushing through the (extreme)discomfort? or will I pass out?
Running takes so much more energy than walking, hence why it's so hard... My suggestion would be to start with a warm up of 5 mins of brisk walking, warm ups are extremely important, they they get the blood flowing to your muscles, get your lungs ready, lubricate your joints for the workout ahead. Then jog, don't run, for a minute, just a slow easy jog we always seem to want to sprint away I know I did. Then walk for a minute, do these intervals for 20 minutes, then cool down with a walk. Do this 3 times/week to start, every 2nd day... The next week increase your run to 1.5 mins... If you can't jog for the whole minute do 30 seconds to start, who really knows or cares, but you must do it gradually or you will cause your joints injury... Your lungs will get used to it in no time too. Read up on the Couch to 5k program...
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