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Hi Ladies

Normality is slowly returning to me, I feel a little better again today. Again slept very well and I am sure that is helping as it is natures way of repairing the body. Glorious morning here at present after yesterdays very dark and dreary afternoon which was only fit for ducks.

We have had the council return today to sort the leak to the kitchen sink. The leak was a very small one but nevertheless it need fixing. It apparently was because the original pipe was cut to small thus causing strain on the joint called the U bend. So hopefully it will be fixed once and for all. Just got some niggly problems that need sorting out one being the water pressure to the hot tap which is so slow it allows you to make a cup of tea and still the washing up bowl is not full of water The second I need two tiles put back on the wall after two came off in replacing the sink in the first place.

RONNI Your life sounds busy at the minute but I think when you have children it always is you seem to be ferrying to and fro from different places. Then often to watch or are involved (providing food or drinks to others) in some way in the activities that they do. I know how busy my sister's life is with 4 girls I do not know how she does it especially as she is in constant pain from a damage to the spine. (she is awaiting an operation any time now )

Look on the positive side of things you may not be losing weight be on the plus side you are not gaining either. This is great practice for maintenance which is just as hard as the losing weight. I would like to lose a little more myself but I think this is the weight I am going to pan out at. Though I am not totally unhappy I am proud of my achievements. Miracles do happen I might just start losing again. You have done so well to lose the weight that you have so head up high and be proud. If staying on plan is difficult for days in a row, I found that planning several days in advance. Cooking extra meals when ever I can these then go in the freezer to provide what I call home made ready made meals. These are great if you do not have much time but can also be called upon if you are not well. I try on days I feel well enough to make an extra meal for example a casserole, bolognese sauce, home made burgers all come in handy. I can not give enough emphasise on planning. I know it seems a chore but it can be the key to success and after a while it becomes second nature.

If you are prone to feeling hungry whilst you are out ensure that you take snacks with you in your handbag, things like raisins, nuts or fruit are good ones to take. These will stave off your hunger until the next meal.

I think when many British folk emigrated to the United States or Canada for that matter they wanted things to make them feel at home. Maybe one of these ways was naming places after towns and cities in the UK. I know my home town of Nottingham has a counterpart in Redvers, Saskatchewan, Canada, and several places in the States are called Nottingham also. I live also near to Leicester and Birmingham and again they have an name sake in the states.

I hope you continue to improve after your tooth extraction this week.

I am feeling better myself so gradually making to normality. Your right I think about names coming from the UK originally I see so many duplicated over the years. Though often pronounced a little differently to the name in the UK due to the difference in the accent and the emphasise on different vowels. For years I thought there was a new metal after hearing the word aluminum the mix up came as we pronounce the word totally different. It was only when I saw the word written down and spoken did I realise there was no new metal Here in the UK aluminum is pronounced al-loo-min -ee- hum. (here you may here it better than how I have broke it down

In many ways we are so much the same though there are those differences that occur due to culture and language. That's what makes a nation unique and interesting. It would be boring if we were all the same and to go abroad would not be so pleasurable as nothing would be different to experience. I know you would have the different scenery though for me the fun of going to new places is to experience some of the culture of where I am visiting. Though I haven't been abroad in many years due to the cost of insurance for travel due to my MS it is astronomical price. I understand the need for a higher premium due to the fact if I did need medical care due to my MS the treatment would be expensive and then all the arrangements to me made to fly you home etc plus accommodation for DH.

It is also difficult for someone in this country with MS to get a mortgage it is not impossible though most mortgage brokers take one look at the initials MS and run a mile just about

Tonight it is bonfire night here in the UK so lots of fireworks being set off left right and centre. So I will have a quivering wreck as Rizzie is so frightened and scared off them. I hate to see him like this and you feel so helpless to help him or console him as nothing does.

Right I must go and make my afternoon cup of tea I am so thirsty now. Just before I go though I will say hello to to VAL and SPICY and hope that you are both well and not suffering too bad with S.A.D.

caio for now fellow chicks I will try and drop by tomorrow but I am going to my parents for the day so time is short supply tomorrow.

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