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Hi Ladies

Been under the weather after I think doing way too much walking on my trip to Sheffield. So now paying for my efforts. I feel better than I did yesterday but still not back to my normal self. DH has been a real sweetheart and been fussing like a mother hen over me Must admit things got on top of me yesterday and was in tears which is just not me. Normally I take things in my stride but yesterday was a day of feeling sorry for myself. When in truth I have so much to be grateful for. There are people so much worse off than myself who are so stoic and brave. Not to mention do not complain about the unfair card that life has dealt them.

Today I managed to do a little bit of shopping but had to call off early and sit in the cafe and wait for DH. This was doing our weekly grocery shop so I do like to do this if I can otherwise DH would if not kept in check by me be putting cakes etc in the shopping trolley telling me " they just fell in there" . He is happy to eat healthy eating providing I do the menu's and know actually which are the good things and bad things. He is starting to learn but he is so easily drawn to the sweet stuff.

ROSEBUD Sounds like a nightmare morning you experienced on the day of the dentist one of those kind of days which anything that could go wrong did go wrong. Unfortunately TOM can be draining to say the least not to mention making you feel grotty (not so well in English ).

Sorry to hear that your tummy played up due to the circumstances of the tooth being extracted. I know what it is like to have that I used to be exactly the same until I had all this medication for trigeminal neuralgia which constipates you to the hilt. It is so horrid to have this happen to you especially when you are out.

Sounds like your tooth extraction went like my last one had to be drilled take it out. Mine had to be divided in to 4 parts to take out as it had broken and didn't want to come out whole. I had never had that on previous extractions. I hope your pain is under control with the Tylenol you have been taking. Wise decision to not take the aspirin that morning of the extraction as this is an anti coagulant which means it does not allow the blood to clot so easily. This is great making the blood run smoother with heart condition or precautionary measures due to health issues you have or genetic reasons. I think if I did not have an ulcer they would put me on it as a precautionary measure due to my family history of heart problems. I know at least 3 generations of my family had heart problems so does not bode well for me

Glad you have made a start on Christmas gifts as have we (OK only one at this point ). It helps to get them earlier if you can as there is no mad rush at the end to get gifts and this way it is kinder on me. I have the money saved for the meat we will have over Christmas. I will have my Mum and Dad over as normal so looking forward to that time.

Time for me to start making tracks and start the tea. We bought a French stick today which we do each week we go shopping I love this type of bread so our little treat each week to ourselves. Though no longer do we buy the big one but the small one and even then not quite all do we eat. Our feathered friends have the other little bit. Bye bye and take care ladies

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