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300+ and Getting Fit after 40 #227

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Default 300+ and Getting Fit after 40 #227

This thread is a sub-set of the 300+ thread.

This group is for those dealing with the challenges of having a significant amount of weight to lose and being fit which becomes harder after age 40. If you're an old or new friend and not over 40 and feel this is the place to post, jump right in.
What do I want most of all? I want to ride my horses and learn how to ride well! I want to train like a champion!

My journey to fitness Working on my bucket list...
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Today feels like labor day...tons of cleaning needs to be done. Im fighting a chest and sinus infection but will not let it slow me down today.I am going to clean house and then make some of carols wonderful soup.

I have done good for a couple of days and already feel like im in the zone!! It sure feels good to be back focused on ME.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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do that thing that works
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Post Hello

I was wandering around 3FC and found you guys. I think I fit this thread.
I am over 40, yes, and I am going to start trying to get fit. After a long chase I managed to get a copy of my lease that allows me to swim for free in my neighbourhood apt. complex indoor pool. The catch being adult swims are from 8-8:45 pm which is usually a downtime for me but I am no longer after "the usual". The usual got me to 277.8 lbs this morning. I want the "exceptional" now: exceptional weightloss, exceptional results, exceptional fitness level. You know. Aim high. I am also trying to be exceptionally positive about all this. I need help believing I can do this, but more than that I need to actually do it, daily/weekly/monthly. My body has come up with a symptom due purely to the weight gain I've experienced this year: 25+lbs gained between Jan and June (all the while telling myself I would LOSE 25lbs and then discovering no, I GAINED that amount) while dealing with the stress of graduating from art school this summer. I just ate "whatever" to get me through, focused only on making things for our graduate gallery show. Eating "whatever" is my knee jerk stress relief action. I can't afford this now. I am too heavy for my frame now and some days my nerves are being pinched at my hips so my upper thighs are either numb or tingly. Symptoms vary as does the intensity. I checked with the Dr. and it's not life threatening but i want it gone. the cure? Weightloss. Not owning a car I rely on my legs and feet to get me around. I have discovered my innate distrust of my body has ballooned since the thigh symptoms appeared. I worry I can't be physically active or fit. The Dr. says I am okay to go for it and all that, it's just my own personal fears that pop up. Mostly I want to see my body respond to exercise but I am afraid it won't no matter what I do. See why I need to stay positive? I know I am just a regular human being like everyone else here so i can do this like everyone else can too. I just have to do it consistently which would be a change for me.

Anyway I know my post is kind of all over the map. I just need help and support in this and I hope to find that here and hope I can add to the group as well by being here. Thanks for reading.
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Terri -- Thanks for starting the thread!

Debi -- Yay for being in the zone! I'm trying to get there, too!

onebyone -- Welcome!!

Today is my last day of summer. Classes don't start until next Monday, but our "welcome week" starts tomorrow and is very busy... *le sigh* I have put too much on my plate this year at work and think I will be having figurative indigestion as a result. I hope to be able to re-establish myself in the zone and stay there, but it's going to be very challenging this year...

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences

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Debi - I too am laboring in the house today. Hate it! Do I start upstairs and work my way down, or start downstairs and then just quit half way through because housekeeping is the most uninspiring work on the face of the planet!

I'm a little cranky this morning, because of the housework, and because yesterday I completely overate, made some very salty choices and gained back five pounds. So, while the diuretic has done a lovely job, it is not that illusive magical weight loss pill. That's good. It helped me get back to reality.

Heather - as a student, I do like a new school year. I like the idea of starting over, clean slate and all that. I hadn't thought about it from the perspective of a teacher starting a new year. Figurative indigestion...I like that one!

onebyone - Welcome to our group. We're so glad you can join us!

I totally hear you, sister! I credit my body for getting the message to my brain to do something about my health. A few short years ago my knees were giving up on me and I couldn't get myself up a flight of stairs without pain and heavy breathing. I felt more and more lethargic. The stress in my life was just about to peak. It seemed the harder I tried to stay focused to lose weight, the more I gained. I've gone through a process of finding support, finding answers to medical issues (piece by piece), learning a whole new way of doing things, learned how to take care of myself better, learned to want to take care of myself better, and while it was painfully slow at times because my body was not cooperating with me or I just gave up on occasion, I've lost 12% of my body weight.

I don't do everything perfectly, but I'm in the right frame of mind now for success. With a lot of vision adjustment, I learned to change my goals into what was truly meaningful for me. I used to just want to be thin. Then I woke up to the reality that when I lose the weight, there won't be a 22-year-old waiting to step out of the layers of fat and baggy skin suit. So then I realized what I really wanted was to feel strong and healthy and for my body to be prepared to do whatever it was I wanted to do at any given moment. And that not only included being able to ride a bike, go sailing or hike trails, but I wanted to be able to just go to bed to get a good night's sleep, to eat a healthy meal that tasted good, was satisfying and didn't give me heartburn. I wanted to be able to stare a high-stress situation in the face and think it through, manage the emotions and make wise choices that left me feeling at peace, whether the outcome was to my liking or not.

So, coming here to our group and being honest about my choices helps me be accountable. Plus, we've got great cheerleaders here! The best! Very wise women that speak the truth with lots of love!

Okay, I think I will bring the laundry downstairs, start a load, go empty the dishwasher and take out some trash. The boys are still asleep and it's nearly 10. I'm conflicted...do I wake them and get them to help me or do I let them sleep and get some actually work done without them getting in my way?

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Georgia-- Sorry if the figurative indigestion was a weird visual! I love my job. I love all the chores I've agreed to tackle this year. I just took on too many!! Should be interesting...

Hope you are making progress with the cleaning goals!

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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Hi ladies,

Ugh...I am at the lower point in the 8 lb range I have been bouncing around in for months. My body is stuck stuck stuck and seems to really love it here! I have increased my exercise and decreased my calories and still it stubbornly clings to this weight. Intellectually I know eventually it's going to give up some weight but sometimes it feels like I will never go below 300 again. When I finally get below 300 I am going to celebrate big time!

Tomorrow I am off on my trip and I am committed to not overdoing it. I don't lose weight ever when I am traveling as the interrupted sleep and flying have that effect on my body, no matter how well I stick to plan. So, I will be thrilled to return from my trip having maintained my weight, and to not have to detox from unhealthy choices.

I started thinking last night about what it would be like to skip the treats that I can only get there. Will I be sorry to miss out on the donuts, cheesesteaks, hoagies, pizza? Well, to be honest, yes, I will be a bit sad. I know that is not the right answer. But in the weeks after when I don't have to endure bloating, intense cravings and re-losing the same 8 lbs. AGAIN I will be happy. I am thinking that I if really want to I will allow myself one treat on my last day. I can even fit it into my daily total with careful planning. And then I will be off on the plane. Or maybe not. We'll see.

Have a great, on plan week. I probably won't be back until late next week.
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onebyone - welcome - this is a great group! Keep posting - it's how we'll get to know each other.

letstry - have a great trip - you will do well! Can't wait to hear about your successes when you return.

As for me - healthy eating disappeared from my brain when the kitchen plumbing got clogged. Since Friday evening I have not been making great choices - in fact some down right horrible choices. Tomorrow is a new day and the plumber will be here.
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Hi Ladies,

Just joined the forum yesterday and am excited to read of everyone's efforts and achievements. Its also nice to know I'm not the only one struggling.

I turned 40 earlier this year and its like my body hit a wall. What came easy before, isn't so comfortable anymore. Its been all I can do to get through a work week and then I just veg out on the weekends trying to "recover." I took a business trip last week, and I was huffing and puffing through the airport. My colleages & I did some sightseeing in our down-time and I sweated buckets. I couldn't enjoy myself for the pain in my hips/knees/ankles. What the heck happened to me!?!?!? I used to travel the world with a backpack and a map. I now can't walk 2 miles without wanting to call 911.

So, the solution...I'm not going to let this weight rob me of my life. I'm determined to move again, eat right and make healthy choices. I don't necessarily want to be skinny... I just want to feel good again and quit limiting my choices in life (travel, activities, clothing.)

This weekend, I've cleaned out my house of all the bad foods...not so much as a peice of white bread left! It was hard to throw away "good" food, but it was empowering as well. I've planned my meals for the next week and informed my DH its "healthy" for us now. I've been to the grocery and was pleasantly surprised that buying organic/fresh was comparable to our "normal" grocery bill. Lots of fresh fruits/veggies and hormone free dairy.

I went for a walk around the neighbourhood this afternoon. Didn't last long, but I did it! I've even pulled out my exercise gear and plan to walk in the morning before work. I also plan to use that gym membership I've paid for for 4 years.

I feel different and more committed to making this change. Thanks guys for letting me vent a little. I'm glad I've found this forum and look forward to the inspiring support I'll find here.
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Hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was kinda regular. DH worked all weekend. But that is ok. Beats being broke like we have been this past year!

My body is very sore. Lots of bike riding and walking this weekend. I did not realize how little I have been moving over the last 6 weeks. And I know there is some water retention there too.

I have my eye surgery scheduled for Sept 15 and I am looking forward to seeing clearly again. Yet I have discovered many things I can do just because I had no other choice but to do it anyways. So the cataract has been a blessing in ways that I never expected. The 1/2 blind fat lady jokes still did not go over well with DH. But the goal was to keep light hearted about the situation knowing that cataract removal is a very successful operation.

Kids go back to school tomorrow and I head off to the gym after the bell goes. I will only be able to use the gym until the surgery then I have to wait for doc approval to bend and lift again. So lots of walking is instore for the next few weeks. Have to remember to ask if bike riding is on the list of no no's. Since I love my bike riding it would be a bummer to not be able to take advantage of Sept weather.

Gonna go pack lunches! Have a great evening!
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There's nothing like unexpected guests to fuel a house-cleaning frenzy. My girlfriend from L.A. called and said she and her husband and another couple they'd vacationed with up at Tahoe were on their way home and could they stop by in an hour. I said "yes" and somehow "not a bother at all" came out of my mouth...all lies! The boys vacuumed and dusted, I washed dishes and mopped floors, everything was put away, and I actually got some food cooked for a simple lunch of appetizer things. They left a little while ago, so I finished washing dishes, had served everything in decorative paper plates (so glad I indulged myself and bought those last week!) Now I can start the laundry and we're good until tomorrow. I can clean upstairs later.

Julia, I wish you well with your eye surgery. How motivated you are for looking to stay active any way you can. I'm sure I'd curl up and play the I-can't-do-that-because-of-my-eye card as long as possible. And then I'd take another few weeks to get going on the exercise because the inactivity will have put me in a sluggish mode. Why can't exercise be my first go-to choice?

True, turning 40 is a cruel joke. You find you can leave a lot of your shoulda-woulda-couldas behind, which can be oh-so liberating, but then you have to start wearing belts just to keep your boobs above your waist. And tiredness is a whole other animal after 40. What's good to know is that exercise (oh, yes, that again) is an energy-producing activity, and the more you exercise regularly, the more mitochondria you develop, which gives you more energy to do the things you want to do when you want to do them.

And you are so smart! You have discovered that your size does not define you and you don't have to wait until you're "thin" in order to have fun and live life fully! Screw the media for making us women feel like we can't possibly experience love, joy and success without looking a certain way, or being young! Personally, I make a point of proving them wrong every day.

Letstry, I know what you're talking about, how travel totally messes with you. Eating out means lots of extra salt and sugar. And there's never enough time to get in a good bit of exercise. And sleep is never really quite right. Do things that take care of you...take a nice bath before going to bed so you can relax, don't stay up too late, get up at the same time you're accustomed to, buy some water bottles for your room and to carry in your handbag.

I don't know how long your trip will be. You know, it's okay to be kind to yourself and give yourself permission to be a little indulgent. It's okay to have a good time while traveling. You can do some alternative exercises, like mall-walking, or you can schedule a massage or facial for yourself. If you pick activities that are self-nurturing, you might be less inclined to make food choices that you once considered self-nurturing but have decided that they aren't really all that beneficial. And then, you might tell yourself you can go ahead and choose one illicit food as long as you paired it with a healthy choice and you limited how much you ate. And you know our mantra, plan ahead!

Carol, I pray your plummer is accomplished and cheap and that he gets your plumbing into shape quickly. Chin up, girlfriend!

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Hi all:

I'm supposed to be working...shhhhh -- if it doesn't know I'm here, it can't come get me! Yes, I'm getting a little tired of this project! I'm almost more than halfway, though, and the due date's sneaking up on me (ok, more like running at me full tilt), so I can't be here for long.

I had a more difficult time than I perhaps expected getting back into the flow of things -- I've completely skewed my idea of how low I can go, in terms of calories, and still feel good, so I'm not feeling good. Which is dumb. I'm going to go take care of that in a moment...

How are you all doing?
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Hi gang,

Wow, lots to catch up on. I'm going to be fast, though.

Last 2 weeks have not been so good. I came home from my month of hospital duty so psyched because I had managed to lose a few pounds, but my eating has been not so good. But I'm going to get back OP.

My goal for the rest of this week is to keep calories to 2000 and increase fiber intake. I stocked up on veggies and fruit at the grocery store this p.m.

I will stay OP tomorrow. I'm going to try to post any time I feel tempted not to eat what I've planned to eat. So you might see a lot of me tomorrow!

Heather, welcome to my world--two weeks of classes down already. Yikes!

onebyone and truetome: Welcome!

Everyone I missed: I miss you! I'm just so swamped it's crazy.

More tomorrow. Love ya.


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Hi Gals!

Catching up quickly! It was a nice, long weekend here. We didn't do much of anything. On Sat morning I met up with my trainer's wife and we biked for 12.5 miles. It was a great time. We've gotten friendly over the past year but this is the first time we've really hung out. Of course she barely broke a sweat and could have blown me away....but it was fun and we are planning on doing it again. Then I went out on my own yesterday and did 15 miles. I'm fortunate to have some fabulous bike paths around here (pics on my blog) but I'm still figuring them out. They can be a little confusing in parts. I discovered some additional areas this weekend and next time hope to piece more of it together to get up to a 20 mile ride!

We stayed very low-key this weekend because the next few weeks are going to be busy! We leave next Saturday for a week-long family vacation in Williamsburg. Then we'll be back for 3 days and my best friend will arrive to spend 5 days with us and we are going to DC part of the time. So, the rest of the month is going to be busy, challenging and fun!

Anyone been to Williamsburg? Please share any suggestions for activities, dining, etc. We were there a few years ago with family, but this will be our first time just the 4 of us. I'm looking forward to the family time away! Little stressed about work, food and exercise, but that's life and it will all be okey-dokey.

A great big WELCOME to our new friends! I look forward to getting to know you! HELLO to everyone else!!!

You know I love ya'll....but I have to go sleep!

Sweet Dreams!
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For everyone who is off plan -- Tomorrow is another day to make good choices.

Angela -- How are classes going?

true -- welcome! My turning point came a few years ago, and essentially,l my motivation was to regain my life and be able to do all those little things!

I had a decent day food-wise. Didn't exercise but it was good to get the day off from it.

My 5 C's of healthy living: Commitment to conscious control, with the understanding that choices have consequences
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