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Default All the single ladies!

Hi ladies!!

I just turned 30 in September - so far so good! I was definitely ready to move on and start a new chapter. Good bye 20's and insecurities, hello embracing me for who I am in my 30's! (Or at least that's my goal!)

Wondering if any other single ladies out there struggle with balancing dating/social life and weight loss. I tend to do great for a while and it all falls apart when I start dating someone. Lots of dinners out, drinks, late nights, etc. I also find it hard to stay on plan with socializing - seems my friends always want to meet "over a drink" or "catch up over dinner."

Anyone have tips?

Anyone have words of wisdom for my first year in this fantastic decade?
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You could try suggesting a potluck dinner if there's several people getting together, or cooking dinner together at someone's home if it's only you and one other person. My friends and I have enjoyed this as an alternative way to spend time together and save money on going out.

For the times that you do go out though - personally, I find meeting for drinks easier than meeting for dinner. Saying no to a drink in favor of water, juice or soda is easier than saying no to yummy restaurant food for me. If I do drink, I'll have water first for most of the night and not order alcohol til later - thereby reducing the amount of time I have to be tempted to overindulge - cause I know myself and that's the only way I won't do it, lol.

To make dinners out easier, check out the nutrition info from local restaurants' websites ahead of time, so you know which ones have meals that work with your diet plan. Then, when your friends want to go out, suggest those places. You can also choose to only eat half of what you order, and take the rest home, splitting the calories over two meals.

Hope that helps! I've been experimenting with the above for the past few weeks and this is what's worked for me so far.
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I am turning 30 in January, so I am glad to be entering that this decade a lot healthier and more confident than I entered my last one. I tend to avoid going out, but know I need it more than ever in the winter. I can't stand being hungover and rarely drink unless I am having a VERY good time. I have a very low tolerance and three beers or so, I am having a great time. I either go for it, rarely, or nothing at all, but never to an EXTREME extreme. You know?

My advice is some advice I need to follow. You are only as old as you feel! So stay healthy, hydrated, and have fun, because you only live once!
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No longer super size!!!
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I'd give you tips, but I'm eternally single. I need to be on that show Tough Love, but I digress. Welcome to the 30's! And I've noticed that I usually derail my diet when hanging out with friends. What I've started doing is bringing my own healthy food and wine when we hang out, so hopefully I won't give in to the temptation monster.

Hang in there!

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I struggle with this. I am trying to go out more but it is so tempting to eat crap when out due to nerves and "peer presure". I am trying to make more active friends so that when we get together it is on a nature hike or biking in the park or meet for tea/coffee rather than lunch or drinks. There are also outings if you are in a big city that discourage eating like the theater, Art Museum (here they have singles events on the first Friday) or shopping.
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Thanks! I am definitely working on potlucks/walks/gym dates, with some success. The hardest part is the unexpected little outings - "let's grab a drink after work" - and then nachos come out and I have no self control. I'd rather just not have the temptation at all!!

I don't drink al the time but I do like to kick back and let loose. Hangovers are the worst - they make me eat horribly, skip my workout, and feel awful.

I'm taking it easy this weekend - can't wait to go home for the holiday! Hope I don't get the "when are you getting married" battery of questions all week....
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I got your point about "lets grab a drink after work".
You will not be able to avoid that so maybe you sholud eat something before you leave the office - some Greek yogurt or whatever you can have stash on so that you dont grab the nachos? Think about it!
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