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HI LADIES ~ Well, had to get up at the crack of dawn to go to the dentists to get that tooth pulled out early this AM; and as I am getting ready a bunch of things decide to go wrong -- but I did manage to have a shower, get my hair partly dry and out the door (although, I had to go back once to go to the washroom again).

Then we finally get on our way and ran into a detour, but we made it almost on the dot anyways; thank goodness they were still working with some other people at the time. I had to take some meds to calm my nervous tummy down and that finally kicked in just after he started his work. Next time, I take them a bit earlier.

After going to the dentists, we decided to go pick up a few things since we were up town already, and while I was there, I saw some great stuff for Christmas gifts so I got a good portion of my Christmas shopping done today. Our local department store workers were busy as bees putting up lots of great stuff today. Now, I just have to get something more for DH; and anything else would just be small stuff for next month anyways. I have the pumpkin for pie and our roast pork already, so I am way ahead this year.

Had nice mini-subs (my own homemade ones on a whole wheat hot dog bun with lean roast beef & thinly sliced onion, & mozzarella cheese with mustard) for brunch as I didn't have time to have any breakfast or a snack this AM. They were quite nice and soft and easy for me to chew on my right side of my mouth.

It took awhile for the bleeding to stop (until dinnertime) as I am on Aspirin therapy which I skipped this morning (just in case), but the dentist told me to take them as soon as I got home. This time the tooth broke on him and he had to drill a bit so I had a little pain afterwards. The other three times the teeth came out clean without much effort and didn't break; thus there was less pain afterwards too. I was going to take a tylenol, but so far, it seems more sore than painful really, so I may just take one before bed so that I can sleep more easily.

Made some nice homemade chicken soup/stew for dinner tonight; I added the leftover veggies from yesterday and some new potatoes, celery, onions, carrots, and a bit of turnip; and it was quite tastey. There is even some left for lunch tomorrow.

PURPLE ~ glad your trip turned out so well for you and you even felt well enuff to come in and share with us tonight. Yes, I think our wheelchair and scooter rentals are the same in that you have to go arrange for them in advance, but maybe you can get one that you can keep at home all the time. I don't know how it works here either; would have to go to the big city and investigate that, but for how often I would use it to go to a mall; I'm not sure it would warrant the price. Years ago, you could pick them up second-hand and have it at home when you needed it; now-a-days they are sooo expensive and out of reach for many people unless they get help from some charitable organization.

That was so nice of your DH to take you to that nice restaurant and I hope you enjoyed yourself and had whatever your heart desired; hey, your birthday only comes up once a year. YOu probably mentioned that before about your jaw, but I don't recall right now. Did they discover that at the dentists? Do they know what caused it? Hope they can help you in some way.

Well, time for me to put my feet up too as I have been on them all day today; and they need a good rest. Gonna take it easy the next couple of days. They say that some sunshine may be on the way; hope they are right. Take good care ladies ... ROSEBUD
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