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Hi Ladies

Much nicer day today weather wise but chilly never the less especially after the really warm conditions of last week. On our travels today going to Sheffield in Yorkshire we had a rainbow in the sky for most of the way. Very beautiful sight been a while since I saw one.

ROSEBUD I hope your extraction at the dentist went ok and your not in to much discomfort. I know for a little while it is a soft diet to aid the healing process. My trip to the hospital is looming closer it is I think 19 November to see the maxillofacial surgeon regarding my issue with jagged bone in the jaw. I hope that he or she for that matter decide to operate. I know this is going to be painful but there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Well tired today after my trip to the shopping centre. I am feeling that the wheelchair is very much on the cards which will allow me to do more. The only trouble being now we will lose our spontaneity of just deciding to go either that day or a couple of days before. To hire the wheelchair from Sheffield you need 1 weeks notice so that they can save the right chair for your needs. Some are manual others are battery powered ones.

Despite struggling a wee bit towards the end I loved the day plus DH took me for a nice meal in a restaurant there. He said it was my special day for my birthday treat oh it was lovely and such a surprise. We normally just go to a major store and have a meal there. I tried to choose something not too damning on the calorie front. I think the amount of walking I did today no further exercise is need for a week Ok so stretch the truth out certainly no further exercise is required today and I will use tomorrow as my rest day from exercise. It is my treatment day tomorrow my that does come round quickly.

See you are like me when it comes to a chicken eking many meals out of one bird. It is surprising how many meals you can get off one chicken. Plus the soup which lasts several days so that is another couple of lighter snacks sorted. Not that many calories in this soup and an excellent way to use up those vegetables. I like chicken or turkey soup though turkey is my favourite as it too me has more flavour.

Time to go and put my feet up now my legs and feet are talking as we put it or in other words they are sore and a tad painful. I have just taken a shower and that has helped a little the warm water on my skin. It is times like this I miss being able to soak in a warm bath to ease away those aches. When I was working shifts I would especially on working a 13 hour shift go to the nurse home (accommodation for nurses in those days there was a male and female one so we were kept separate.) and go and soak in a bath. It worked wonders for those aching feet after being on them for so many hours especially on the more demanding wards like mental health wards for the elderly. These were physically demanding as you had to do every task for the patient for many on the ward as they were no longer able to due to being in the later stages of dementia or occasionally Huntingdon chorea.

Night night ladies and take care

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