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HI PURPLE ~ well, we had for the whole morning but by the afternoon, clouds rolled in and ended that, but it was so nice to have it for the whole AM at least; they are expecting some more sun in the early week too ...

We noticed that most of the kids were driven around or escorted by parents, grandparents, etc while they went trick or treating this year. We did have 24 kiddies show up and then delivered leftovers to 2 sick kids and their parents (neighbours). I mentioned to DH that these kids didn't come by, so I sent him over with a bag of goodies. When we found out that they were sick and didn't get to go out, we decided to take the leftovers to them to make up for that, and their Dad really appreciated that. I would much rather give it to them as we really don't need it!

I have to get up really early tomorrow (almost forgot about it), as I am having a top tooth removed (extracted) and hope all goes well. After much thought and prayers and talking with other people, I decided to take advantage of saving my wisdom teeth for all these years. Drilling makes me ill and so I have decided to have it removed instead of drawing it out any longer; and thankfully, the dentist is OK with my decision and I finally have peace about it ...

I hope you have a wonderful trip to the mall this week; don't be too shy about using a chair or scooter to get around the mall, esp if it means that you would enjoy your day there more. You could use a scooter for part of the day if you find yourself getting too tired. I haven't been to a mall in a while; the last time I went, I was barely able to get around one store as it was so large (mega-sized). I told DH I would likely have to use something or there wouldn't be any point of me going at all.

Now, we just shop in department stores, but only one at a time, as that is all I can handle right now. If I try to go to too many in one day, I am so sore by evening and the next day, so have to rest for a day or two. However, I still get some walking in each day as I figure that will keep me going in the long term. I certainly do understand your challenge with walking, my friend. You have a busy few days coming up this week.

DH was a busy bee today, and took down all the Halloween decos for me so they wouldn't get ruined by any future bad weather; but he left the lights up for Christmas -- we just won't turn them on until December 1st. I started taking an extra Multi-vitamin to help my leg heal and low and behold, I got a visitor again who hasn't been here for a while ... TOM came for a visit and I was very exhausted today, so I laid down this afternoon for awhile; and DH was kindly helping me out today. We have had a busy few days, so I will take it easy now for a day or two.

We had leftover BBQ Spit chicken today with baked homefries and mixed veggies (green & yellow beans with some kernel corn); that was very filling. I saved the back and wings to make some soup tomorrow; and will throw in the leftover veggies too. That will be at least three meals out of one chicken; not too bad ...

HI to VAL, and RONNI, and SPICY ...

Hope you all have a wonder day tomorrow and a great week! Take good care ... ROSEBUD
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