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Hi Ladies

Happy 1st November. Wow the year is going by so quickly. It is dreadful weather here today with pouring rain and howling wind definitely very wintry. It has been very dark skies all day so the light needed to be on in the house to see properly.

I will going to meadowhall in Sheffield tomorrow a shopping centre which is about 40 miles away from us. We will go and have about 4 hours there which is broken up with lots of rest thankfully they have plenty of seats to rest. I know I am on the verge of needing a wheelchair to go round these places but I am holding off as long as possible.

It has been fun and games here today who needs television Unfortunately the neighbour next door to us has a 16 year old lad which she has brought up on her own. Unfortunately she spoilt the child rotten and he had no boundaries. I think now she regrets this decision as he is becoming unruly at times. She had to call the police out this afternoon as he had locked her out of the house I think. He is now hanging round as well with a group of undesirable boys who are leading him astray as well. She is trying to place boundaries with him now but at 16 he is rebelling against this as they have not be instilled in him from the start. I try not to judge people but she has said this much to me that she spoilt him and let him have what he wanted and do what he wanted. I hope things sort themselves out and that contact with police will start to straighten him out on the right path.

ROSEBUD Thanks for starting the new thread today. I have learnt something about bonnehomme the character looking like casper. He looks rather cute to me and very sweet looking. Wow you were busy with Halloween and children calling at your home. we had no children call upon us this year but around were I live it is predominately elderly and barely any children around. My sister on the other hand has many children visitors as she lives in a area with children and her children go trick or treating also. Nice though about the left over treats to give it to children too sick to go out. At least this way they may not feel so left out of the occasions.

I was talking well typing to a young lad (in a game which I play online) who had taken his younger brothers and sisters trick or treating. Unfortunately the 4 year old brother walked into a lamp post so that earned him a trip to the hospital. Then poor wee mite a stay over night in hospital. He was so excited about dressing up and going trick or treating. This mishap happened to him.

Our clocks went back last Saturday night as yours traditionally used to be. So for us there will be the 5 hours apart but last week we would have had 6. Not sure though what the time difference is though at the west coast of Canada as you may have more than one time zone unlike in the UK who have just the one despite having 4 countries to make up the UK. I suppose it is because we are a small island no need for different time zones so I take it as the reason why.

Time to go and make a sandwich we are eating late today as we had a big lunch at the cafe down the road from us. So will have a smaller tea to compensate as well. To be honest not overly hungry so will maybe have some fruit/yoghurt. Bye for now and take care


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