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My family and I are loosely on the SBD and have done well on it. But.....I'm not concerned so much about the quantity of the food that we eat, but more about the quality. I've made so many changes in how I prepare my foods and the FLFLS gave me better ideas on grouping my food and more about how my food is being processed. It gives you sensible guidelines on quantities of proteins, slow carbs, and fast carbs. I liked the nutritional breakdown of a fat loss plate, I'm not sure that it is any different than say what WW, JC, etc. are asking you to do, but it is nicely put. Snacking is 100 to 200 cal for women per setting; not that much different. I'm a WLS person, my DH is a borderline diabetic and high cholesterol, and my DD is just...fluffy. So, I'm going to use the principles of this program for all three of our needs. I probably won't be using the brown rice syrup or the cane sugars, because sugar is sugar even if some of them are on the lower end of the glycemic scale. As for the snacking section: I was able to find enough stuff in it that I can buy locally without going to Whole Grains (Whole Pay Check), or Trader Joes. I made the Banana Oat Cookies that listed natural peanut butter and 1/2 c. honey and I added a scoop of protein powder. They were good and my family said that they would like me to make them again (made 20 cookies). I won't be eating them because I'm a NA sugar person. As for the amounts: Using your hand, fingers, knuckles and fist to judge your food quantities is a whole lot easier carrying around measuring cups or eyeballing something. Unfortunately, even after 58 years, my eyeballs measure a whole lot bigger than they should. Each meal for a women should be 300 to 500 calories; not too different than any other program really, but it was written down, my husband read it and since it didn't come from me, it made sense to him! His calorie limit is 400 to 600 per meal. LOL!!!! It also has a section on saturated fats and CHEESE; my DH thinks that the best snack in the world is CHEESE! Well, now he knows better. He kept his 48 pounds off for over a year on SBD, but I'm think long term here for all of us. Healthy snacking in encouraged to level out your insulin levels, so you are not starving and headed for whatever you can get your hands on and excessive insulin causes your body to store fats. Cost: Not any different the start up cost on JC and weekly food costs. Unless you getting some kind of price break on WW start up cost and weekly cost; about the same. There is a boat load of material to go through so if you get it don't get intimidated!
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