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Originally Posted by chubbs View Post
I want to lose at least 100 lbs. but my concern is the loose skin afterwards - surgery would NOT be an option. Does anyone have any tricks or ideas to help prevent this? I sometimes think that I'd rather be fat than to have the loose, sagging skin.
Really? You'd rather be fat that have loose skin...... Wow.

Well, I've been fat with no loose skin and now I have loose skin, but I'm not fat.. And I can tell you, that my life is waaaaaay better now that I'm not fat, but have loose skin. I'm healthy. I'm fit. Productive. Energetic. Full of stamina. Full of self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth(all things I was lacking). I wear extra smalls, size 4's and with this crazy vanity sizing, I wear loads of size 2's and even an occasional size 0. I no longer "fear" restaurant booths, folding chairs, beach chairs, barber chairs etc..... I no longer dread socializing and getting invitations to weddings and the such. I'm a clothes horse and every day walking around in this slim, fit body is a joy and a blessing to me.

The only "tip" I would give you is to stop fearing loose skin. There is nothing whatsoever to fear. My loose skin stays nice and hidden under clothing. That would be my size 2 and 4 clothing . Like Meg once said, if you're that unhappy with the loose skin, you can always gain the weight back.

Oh - and exercise. Cardio and strength training.

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