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Hi Katie and

Congrats on being in your 4th month. Insurance companies make you run circles but IMHO its worth it.

Q: 1st Is there anyone who regrets having the lapband surgery in any way?
A: Not I ... even though I'm not losing at this point.. I'm not gaining either YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEE

Q: Anything i should be aware of? (I have been to my doctors information seminar and have met with the surgeon so i do know quite a bit)
A: Yes, the band is a tool, it will not work unless you work with it, meaning you have to diet and exercise and have the proper restrictions (fills)... the band can not do it by itself. Make sure you follow your doctors diet after banding. It is so important as you don't want to hurt yourself (especially with exercise, you don't want to tear your innard up after surgery). Don't get frustrated if you don't lose weight until you get the proper restriction... remember you can eat just like you did before banding without proper fills. It takes time to get proper restriction (your sweet spot lol) so don't get frustrated if your not there by the 3, 4, 5th visit... just remember it WILL happen. Lapband weight loss is supposed to be slow, 1-2 lbs a week.. this IS good !!!! If you eat junk, you will gain, if you follow your doc's diet suggestions, you'll lose. Try not to pick up other habits that allow you to eat around the band.. for instance, cake might be hard to eat (at first) so instead you'll eat ice cream b/c it goes down easier this is a BAD habit. SO don't subsitute one bad food for another. Mostly listen to your body, take small bites, chew chew chew chew chew chew, eat slow.

Q: 2nd this question is more cosmetic...As you lose weight (with having the lapband surgery) does any of your skin shrink or will ALL of my skin pretty much everywhere just sag? Like arms, thighs etc... I know the stomach region will that is pretty much a given but what about other areas? I am only 27 so my skin and body will hopefully adjust a little bit.
A: Thats a hard question as everyone is different. I would think.. the more weight you have to lose, the more saggy skin you'll have. Thats where either a tummy tuck comes to play or a nice corset don't let saggy skin stop you from losing weight. My suggestion to you is to start exercising NOW !! tighten up everything you can.. can't hurt.

Hope this helps....


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