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I was having severe depression, weight problems, muscle and bone aches like nobodies business (for years actually), and so many other things..... and got tested a few months ago and turned up with a 17. The doc put me on 50000 IU twice a week, and I DEFINITELY felt so much amazingly better it wasn't even funny. I just took my last pill last week, but unfortunately I can't afford $150 for the doctor's visit and another test, so I'm kinda just going to forge ahead on my own with supplements and see how I'm feel to add or decrease. Currently, I'm taking about 4000 to 5000 IU a day. I just do NOT want my level to get back down (I'm half hispanic, it happens VERY easily if I don't get sun), and pretty much everywhere I've read it seems to say that it's near to impossible to overdose.... so... *shrug*

Seriously, the fact that we know so little and so little has been said about Vit D up until now... and so many people are OBVIOUSLY suffering from it..... is just ridiculous. The 400 to 800 IU a normal daily multivitamin gives you is just... pathetic.
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