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Originally Posted by JulieJ08 View Post
The grassroots website posted above says 51% of the population is deficient. Still a crazy number, but 99% is a bit extreme.
I should have said "like 99%" but I do think it is more than 55%. At least in major population areas. I have heard that in cities even if they have sun, due to pollution they may not get the sun. So I think perhaps rural, sun areas are the only places you may find normal numbers... and since most *health studies* are done in cities...

I live in Boston and this is where many many many of the major studies are done. We just happen to be in a poor sun area and high pollution area. I wonder what that means for studies that have been done here and then applied to the general population.

For example there is the Framingham Heart Study - a landmark study telling the entire US how the heart functions. It has been going on for 40 years with only people from Framingham. One problem, likely, all those people were and are vitamin d deficient. So is all that data flawed? Is almost everything we know about heart disease based on a population that was missing vitamin D? I think likely.
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