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Stacy, I guess Nicole and I are just examples of getting on and staying on program. Eventually, the weight will come off. Nicole is young and active and has made remarkable progress in a short period of time. Mine is slower at 53 with my sedentary lifestyle but I'm happy with it. 6 months ago, I was 32 pounds heavier and much unhappier.

I understand what you mean about trying to love the fat girl. I couldn't do it. It would be one thing if the fat girl could be healthy but the odds were against me for that. So....I continue to plug along.

I can tell you that if you religiously follow the program AND do all that exercise you are doing...the weight will come off and probably quickly. My main goal now is that when I have a can only be for one meal and then I MUST get immediately back on program. Vacations are hard but fortunately for my weight loss efforts, I don't take too many of those.

Now keep us posted!
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