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In a nutshell, the guided meditation and visualizations help you stop wanting to eat more food than you need and convince your mind that it wants to make your body slim. So it's kind of automatic, which is pretty sweet. No more struggling!

I've been working toward this kind of approach to some extent anyway but this really crystallizes it for me. I know if I'm not hungry and I want to eat something, that I probably need something other than food. A nap, a visit, some play time... So if I tend to my needs, eat when I'm hungry and not otherwise, that alone would do it. Add the visualization, meditation, etc... I love this method.

There's a lot of theory and research behind it, which is explained and documented in the book.

The focus is on adding healthy food to your diet, rather than taking junk out right away. He suggests that people eat as much as they want of whatever they want. If someone had a really crappy diet, it could take them quite a while to start losing. Although I've also heard stories of people having lightbulb moments that started them on their way immediately.

I haven't been spending a lot of time doing visualizations and etc. I just try to use positive self-talk throughout the day and possibly do one or two of the exercises he recommends. Most nights I've listened to the guided meditation, which is very relaxing.

Here's an interview I found.

Onederland by New Years

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