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Sigh. DH is so not the handyman type. The guy is a genuis - really! He's got two degrees in physics - his specialiaty was theoretial high energy particle physics. Seriously mind bendingly impossible stuff. But can he help me put a shelf up? NO!

We bought a new fridge (from a store called Elvis! ), and when the guys were putting it into place, they knocked off a shelf I had put up. No big deal - I'll just put it back up and make sure it's properly attached this time. I needed to drill some pilot holes and I had to have DH hold the shelf in place while I did this. I showed him how I wanted him to hold it, got into place (space was kinda cramped, and I had to be under the shelf to do the drilling) put the shelf roughly where I wanted it, and told DH to hold it properly. I ASSUMED he was holding it as I had shown him, but when I drilled the holes and screwed the shelf into place, it was clear he had not held it anything like I had demonstrated. DH said he held it where I put it when I handed it to him. UM. Dude. That's why I showed you how to hold it first. When I am underneath the shelf, at a crooked angle, I cannot SEE the shelf's placement.

So I go unscrew the screws, show him AGAIN how I want him to hold the shelf, get back in my cramped position and we try again. But before I drill more holes I quickly reach around and feel the corner of the shelf to make SURE it is where I want it to be. Good thing, because DH had the shelf off by more than an inch. OK MR. rocket scientist - what is so hard about holding the shelf where I showed you!!!!! Meanwhile, he's grumping about how long this is taking, and I'm trying to supress the urge to drill a few holes into his feet...

He got it right on try #3, so I got my shelf up properly, made myself some tea and am now calm and happy. I have a new fridge that won't freeze my veggies and yet melts ice cream (wait - I don't buy that anymore...).

DH is great, usually - he washes dishes, sweeps and vaccuums without being asked, irons his own shirts even! But handyman stuff? Nuh-uh. He does not know one end of a hammer from another!


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