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happy in her own world
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ugh i had such a bad day yesterday- i've been trying not as hard as i should i know that but i have been trying to lose weight. i thought i was down about 15 lbs- according to my scale i am at 243. i go to the dr yesterday and it says i'm at 247?!?! up 3 lbs from my visit in january. ugh!!!! i am so annoyed and discouraged.

i know what i need to do and i'm just not doing it. i can't seem to bring myself to do the hard work that is needed. plugging along isn't working anymore. guess its time to revise my plan.
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Gaining Attitude
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Aw, lizziep -
I bet you are discouraged! I'm not sure I understand though - if your scale SAYS you've lost 15 lbs you must have even if it was a different end result than the doctor's scale? Don't give up though! Take a look at your plan and see where you can make modifications. Maybe you need to make less changes than you think? Are you calorie counting? Established a baseline? That was HUGE for me. And your doctor has ruled out any low thyroid functioning, hormonal imbalances or blood sugar problems? All of those are such an enemy to losing weight.

As for me the week went well, happy to report. I stayed OP and the breathing exercises have made a huge difference in how I feel. I've both been super energetic and I have handled stress better. They are simple little things - so it's kind of amazing to see that they can really help. But I'm convinced as I got up late today so did my walking before doing them - it was like I was in a different body. Felt lethargic and "old" - pains shooting up one other words like I usually do before I started them! BIZARRE.

Tomorrow is weigh-in...finger's crossed...
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I aim to misbehave
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lizziep - It is always hard to revise the plan--but it might be a great opportunity to try some new things! Hang in there. How did your cleansing go? Did you notice a difference?

bobblefrog - I'd love to know about your breathing exercises. How did you learn about them?

I've been following along but haven't really checked in this month. Things are going okay. My weightloss has plateaued a little, but it is my own fault. I haven't been counting as religiously or getting to the gym as much as I was before. I got really sick at the beginning of May, and it completely threw me off. I'm still loosing, just at a slower rate. But, I'm ready to hit it again!

Did the exercise thread die? That was really helping me. Is anyone interested in starting it again for June?
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Giving no Ground
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Hey Chicks,

Long time, my computer fried, hopefuly I'll be able to be on more. Saddly I am the same weight as when I left, but I guess it's good I didn't gain any.
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Keep On Keepin' On!
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My May goal is to get back into my food log and also keeping up with my weight training.

My results goal is 5 lbs by 5/ far down 2!

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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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Hey ladies!

Hope everyone is doing well.

I totally ed out on the weekend on ribs and mac'n cheese but it was our anniversary dinner so I what the hey! I am back on plan and back to exercising this week. Off to dance class tonight

My doctor told me she wants me to lose another 10 lbs so I am even more motivated now.

Welcome back going2Bhealthy and skullarix!
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Senior Member
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Hi everyone!

I miss you all! I am such a slacker at posting these days. I will have more free time soon and I promise to check in more! I've been doing pretty well on diet and okay, but not consistent enough on exercise. I'm slowly losing, but feel like I need to step it up. I am definitely on track though, so I am pretty happy because for a while there (in March) I lost focus.

Glad to see so many posts here! Keep up the great work. I know we can all do this!!!
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happy in her own world
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S/C/G: 260/260/130

Height: 5'2"


boy i've been slacking too. cleansing... didn't go that great. but i'm back at it... basically it's more just clean eating to jump-start myself again. lots of veggies and no dairy, wheat, etc. i have noticed feeling much better actually.
i did finally get the nerve to weight myself at home and i'm down a pound from my scale. so i'm just gonna accept that the dr's office and my house don't have the same scale, and know that i've lost the amount of pounds that i've lost regardless of what the number on the scale says. i'm back from the edge!!
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Restarting my journey :)
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Hey, lizziep, keep going with the cleansing, it's so good when you can feel the difference and you can even see it on the scale, so keep going

Riverite, I'm up for starting the ex thread in June. I can't believe it's only around the corner!!

I haven't done so well over the past few days, just a bit of alcohol on the weekend (eurovision fun) and my mum came to stay so we ate out and I am still in 'Wow, I can eat again, must eat lots of tasty things' after having my tonsils out. I did lost a lb though, so can't be all that bad. I'm having a star wars film marathon with my friend this weekend so it's going to be off plan, but that's ok cos my bf is going away for 18 days starting from the 26th and I always find I realign my habits when he's not here.

Here's to a great weekend chicas!!
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Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the forum and just discovered the Alternachicks.
So... Hello!
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Welcome, SillyGirl!
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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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Welcome Sillygirl!

I've been slacking a bit too. I haven't felt well for the past week and have just been coming home from work and crashing out after dinner.

DH and I are supposed to start swimming next week and I am looking forward to it. The big push is on for me as I want to be in great shape for my summer holidays at the end of July. I am hoping to lose about 15 lbs at least but I am more concerned with being fit.
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