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First name: Alison
Meaning of user name: My nickname and well where I am right now
Geographical Location: Ontario Canada
Age: 31
Occupation: HR person (I work in Training)
Marital Status: Married
Children/Ages: 1 daughter, 33 months
Pets: Two cats Pinky and Maya
Eye colour/hair colour: Blue/Dark Blond
Height: 5'6
Hobbies/Interests: Internet, running, spinning, reading, spending time with my family
Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: 11 years ago... Got below goal and then my Binge Eating started.
Starting Weight/Present/Goal Weight: 256 (1998) 215(2009)/215/150
Problem: Compulsive overeating/Binge Eating Disorder/Depression and Anxiety
Start of weight problems: Since I was about 8 years old
Eating Plan: Counting calories
Favourite exercise: Weight training, spinning and running
Favourite Movies: Star Wars, Legally Blond, Crash
Favourite books: Chick lit and non-fiction, especially True-crime
Favourite Music:Very eclectic tastes in Music
Favourite People: My husband and daughter
Least Favourite people: Very negative people
Places youíve been: Canada, US, Dominican Republic/UK
Place I want to Visit: California, Australia, Bora Bora
Things I worry about:My weight, marriage (we're working through some issues), my job (and I have one of the most secure jobs you can have).
Pivotís questions (donít think too long, answer as fast as you can)
01. What is your favorite word? lovely
02. What is your least favorite word? hmmmm
03. What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally? being outdoors
04. What turns you off? being overly critical or smug
05. What is your favorite curse word? gosh darnit
06. What sound or noise do you love? my daughter laughing
07. What sound or noise do you hate? snowmobiles on asphalt
08. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? psychologist
09. What profession would you not like to do? housekeeper
10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Relax and make yourself at home
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