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Hello people. That study was on the news the other day. I chuckled to myself because I knew that all along. Anyone who counts calories knows it really works.

We have a grand March day here. Rain, freezing rain, snow, freezing rain again, freezing drizzle, ice pellets, slush. Ha, ha, at least it isn't -30 degrees C. I had a dentist appointment to get crowned early this morning and was a bit concerned about the road conditions but they weren't too bad as it was just raining lightly when I was driving. Supper time the rain changed to freezing rain and I was glad I was home and not on the road.

My friend and I visited another friend at the hospital this afternoon while we were in town. When we went into the room there were 3 beds in the room. We went to our friend and greeted her and then the woman in the bed across from her called out to us. She is from our town and we both knew her also. Then the older woman in the bed across from our friend had a sister that lived in our town and her 2 nieces were there and we knew them. While we were visiting another woman came in to visit the woman across from us and we knew her also. It was getting to be a regular hen party. The poor woman in the bed across from our friend has been in hospital since January 9. She was at her husbands funeral and before the service began she went downstairs in the church and slipped on the stairs. She broke her leg, her arm and her collar bone and another bone near the collar bone. She never got to the funeral, needless to say and now has to go home to an empty house. I taught both of her grandchildren when they were in grade 1 and she was a "regular" at the school picking up the kids and volunteering with the breakfast program. She's hoping to get home in about 2 weeks.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Catch you all later.

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