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I was reading post on the old thread thinking nobody had posted. Then I realized there was a new thread. We certainly go through the pages. Well since I hit my low of 199.4, I have gained 3 TOM pounds and have currently lost 2.5 of them. I am hoping that this next week will be good. I look forward to getting back under 200 and staying there.

ggirls- I am looking forward to trying out some low cal recipes at Thanksgiving.

Monte- Have fun!!

Rain- I notice it with my rings. they just spin.

Aaron- Good loss.

Cakses- 184 is good. Be happy.

Retire- Bras!! GGGRRR!!!! I am hoping to do my part this week. Week after TOM is usually a good loss.

Blue- Lots on your plate. Good job staying on track.

Check with you all tomorrow.
Doing it this time, Mindy!!

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