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Kori you asked:
Can I run every day? (With one day a week off)
It is not recommened you run every day. It's an exercise that is very intense and hard on the joints. The recommendation is to run every second day. If you wish more cardio do something that is easier on the joints like biking, elyptical, walking, swimming etc.
Do I do leg weights and lunges, etc 2 or 3 days a week and still run on those days, or do I alternate: run, weights, run, weights? (one day a week off) Do I run less on the days I do leg weights?
You should not run on leg days. Just do your leg workout and another type of cardio.
How do I incorporate arms/shoulders and core/abs?
You CAN incorporate those body parts on days that you run...

Hope this helps and ask more questions if need be ....
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