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This is more of a philosophical point -- but many beginners don't think of themselves as "runners". We have this perception of runners that are long, lean, and effortlessly lope along for hours. Well, they aren't all like that, and certainly no one started out that way!!

In reality, "runners" come in ALL shapes and sizes, all ages and levels. Some are really fast, and some are really slow, and others use walk/run intervals. But, they are ALL runners, and you can be one too. Once you've laced on those shoes, gotten out the door, and taken those first jogging steps (no matter how slow, no matter how long you last), YOU are a runner!

IMO, the most important thing for a beginner is just to get out there consistently. Start with run/walk intervals and work to increase the amount of time you are jogging. Don't try to go too fast. And just keep at it ... improvements WILL come with time.

Oh, and get some good shoes, preferably by consulting a local running specialty store. The right shoes can help prevent injury.

I'm sure the others will chime in, but I just want to encourage you to get out there and try it!
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