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Hi everyone,

Belle, I hope you dusted yourself off and went to the BBQ and that you had a good time there. I know I have a harder time when it is my TOM too. I feel like I could really hurt someone for a chocolate bar around that time. I hope your boys are feeling better. Having sick children is always stressful, esecially when they should be enjoying their holiday. I assume that is like our summer vacation.

Freedom&Light, I am glad you brought that quote up, I believe it is relevant to alot of us. I know it is to myself. I posted before about my dieting with an ED. I think they try to teach you that once you relearn how to eat nutritiously you do not have to diet. Easier said than done, but it is something I try to strive for.

I hope all is well, I think I have beat the urge for tonight. I actually feel proud of myself for once. Thankyou all for being virtually here for me. No more fried rice for me tonight .
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