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Thank you, my friends. Today I had my ECG but it will be a few days before I'll know the results. So far I haven't had any more chest pain episodes.
I've been sticking to my low carb plan and, as soon as I get the prescription refilled, I will be taking a stronger dose of Metformin which is supposed to help lower my blood glucose. I was on a small dose for the past few months which didn't do a darned thing. Someone in the Low Carb forum said she is taking Metformin too and it has really helped her in her weight loss so hopefully it will work that way for me too.
I have been keeping track of my points and, even though I'm not eating the grains, milk, fruit and higher carb veggies, my points are approximately within my WW range. Mostly protein with a few low carb veggies for the first couple of weeks. I am taking a good multi-vitamin just to be on the safe side.
I haven't been shopping for new clothes for a while because I still haven't shrunk out of my old ones. I can feel where the pants are looser around my bottom and legs but the waist doesn't seem much looser. It's strange though because I finally have a dent in my tummy when I sit down instead of just a huge bulge sticking out. (doesn't that sound gross?) As usual, I mostly notice my weight loss around my neck and shoulders. Strange to feel bones under the skin. LOL
I'll stay in touch. Hugs to you all.
"I don't know what the heck I'm doing, but I hope to **** it works".
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