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Terri in MO 07-08-2002 07:18 PM

Counting Down - July 8th (aka Counting down from 250 and beyond or to 250)
Welcome!! We're a group of diverse ladies who have started at various points on this weight loss journey. We have hung in there over the months and helped each other over the rough patches and celebrated each other's successes.

Please come join us in this lifelong endeavor. Laugh a little, cry a little, share a little, eat a lot of zero point foods!!!

(Hope you don't mind that I shortened the name of our group since we are the only active group in the WW100 club at this time. Anyone have thoughts about possibly another name for us?)

LindaBC 07-09-2002 12:47 AM

No bright ideas from me, I'm afraid.
I have to tell you that I'm going back on a low carb plan. My blood glucose has skyrocketed since I've been on WW (a year). I'm still going to be watching my points but no more high carb foods for me for a while. This isn't for weight loss, although I'm hoping that will be a by-product, but strictly for my diabetes. All that bread, grains, pasta, etc just hasn't been good for me.
I told my doctor about the chest pain episode I had last week and he is sending me for an ECG just in case. He said it didn't sound like indigestion to him but it wasn't necessarily a heart attack either. Even though I've had my gall bladder removed, he said there are still stones forming and ducts that can get blocked. Oh well, we shall see.
Anyhow, I will still be needing your support even though I won't be totally on WW anymore. I will continue going to my meetings until my latest membership expires. Hopefully I will finally get my 10% (30 lb) in that time. I'm hoping this switch to low carb will give me a jump start.

slutbunny 07-09-2002 08:10 AM

Morning, ladies!

I went to a knitting guild meeting last night - and found out inadvertantly that one of the gals there also does WW - she's lost over 40# to date. Several of us had a nice chat about the good things that wt loss means - and now I'm all energized again.

That plus stopping at Dillard's and finding that while I can't afford the beautiful Tommy H clothing I tried on - I can fit my big ol' but in the 18s and 20s now! Now to drop the hint to my mom... ;) LOL!

We've had salad and bread for dinner the last couple nights. Tonight it'll be fruit salad and sandwiches I think. The heat here has been much worse this summer than the two before and our home just holds the heat like you wouldn't believe (and us with no AC). Bleh. So - no stove or oven cooking for me until the weather cools again toward the end of August. I'm finding it challenging to come up with good, varied meals that don't involve much cooking. (I'll use my Foreman Grill still - but only if its for less than 10 minutes - so mostly pressed sandwiches, ya know?) I'm jonesin' for some soup but can't imagine creating that much additional heat in the house on purpose. Yikes!

Today is Els first appointment to see about what happens next with her back. Think positive thoughts for her, okay? She's got this incredible "damn I have a great teenager" attitude toward it - she really does seem to get that even if this isn't fun, even if it takes years to correct, its small compared to the benefit over her lifetime. She's just amazing!

Linda - The whole reason we're losin' weight is the health, right? Or, um, most of the reason - part of it might be the miniskirts... Anyway, you eat how you need to eat and definitely count on us for support no matter what 'cause we all love you.

Terri - Counting Down works for me. :)

Off to start my very busy day - later, ladies!

Terri in MO 07-09-2002 09:57 PM

Hello ladies!

I just wanted to drop in and report that I've had two good OP days and feelin' so much better about myself. I did get on the scale this morning and am not feeling good about that. But that is my wake up call and its time to get focused.

Yesterday, I got smart and stopped at the grocery store on the way to work. I bought four yogurts and a bag of Lender's bagels to keep at work for my breakfast. I had FF cream cheese but threw it away because I hated it. Now I have peanut butter in my desk for my bagel. I also got four frozen dinners for my lunches. Good thing we have a big fridge at work! But its keeping me on track.

Last night, DH made a wonderful turkey breast and we had our own home-grown cucumbers and tomatoes plus skinny mashed potatoes. I finished the day with four points to spare. Tonight, he made cornish hens (very low point if you take the skin off), wild rice and cauliflower with light cheese sauce. I should be right at my max with that meal.

My plan is to vary my points each day but nothing as drastic as the Wendie plan (too hard for me to remember). Exercise has been elusive but I do my strength builders in the morning and try to zip around the department as much as possible at work.

Linda - We're here to support whether its WW or something else. You must do the right thing for your body. Diabetes is so tricky and everyone is different as to what works. Take care of that. Keep us posted about the chest pains and ECG.

Bunny - Ahhh, Dillards. Love the clothes. I have found a new big girls store called C.J. Banks. It has the most wonderful clothing that are attractive and quality in larger sizes. How wonderful it feels to have something that isn't too young or too matronly. I have spent a small fortune because the clothes are perfect for my work. I just love clothes period. That and shoes. Also, keep us posted about your daughter. Do take care with the heat.

Linda & Bunny & El, you're in my prayers.

Take care!

LindaBC 07-10-2002 01:41 AM

Thank you, my friends. Today I had my ECG but it will be a few days before I'll know the results. So far I haven't had any more chest pain episodes.
I've been sticking to my low carb plan and, as soon as I get the prescription refilled, I will be taking a stronger dose of Metformin which is supposed to help lower my blood glucose. I was on a small dose for the past few months which didn't do a darned thing. Someone in the Low Carb forum said she is taking Metformin too and it has really helped her in her weight loss so hopefully it will work that way for me too.
I have been keeping track of my points and, even though I'm not eating the grains, milk, fruit and higher carb veggies, my points are approximately within my WW range. Mostly protein with a few low carb veggies for the first couple of weeks. I am taking a good multi-vitamin just to be on the safe side.
I haven't been shopping for new clothes for a while because I still haven't shrunk out of my old ones. I can feel where the pants are looser around my bottom and legs but the waist doesn't seem much looser. It's strange though because I finally have a dent in my tummy when I sit down instead of just a huge bulge sticking out. (doesn't that sound gross?) As usual, I mostly notice my weight loss around my neck and shoulders. Strange to feel bones under the skin. LOL
I'll stay in touch. Hugs to you all.

Darby10 07-10-2002 03:02 AM

Hello All,
My name is Darlene and I've just joined this site and and been reading messages for about a week. A little background is I joined Weight Watcher's March 16,2002 for a weighin of 320#, an all time high for me. I love the program and in 15 weeks, have shed 48.6 pounds. WW recommends 5 servings of fruit/vegetables and 2-3 servings of dairy...the rest of one's menu is left up to the individual. I like it because nothing is off limits, as long as we count the points for it. For me, that has defused the mental longing for sweets or high fat food. If someone says I can't have it.....I'm one who will go for it every chance I get. If it's my choice, I'd rather use the points on more healthy foods. For example, I used to eat regular yogurt 4 points. What I do now, is used low fat sugar free yogurt(2 points) and also have an english muffin or bagel with it (2 points). I figured it out one day, calorie wise, and I was saving about 60 calories for a lot more food. A small piece of cake is 6 to 8 points.....so I'd rather have more substantial food. I have found those Hershey Tastetations. A hard chocolate candy. 3 are 60 carlores, or 1 point. It really helps me and a lot of people I know curb their yearning for something chocolate.

I still have at least 100 pounds to shed (I'm 5.10") and get concerned that I wont make it to goal....as in my body will go into a plateau and stay there. I dont think I'll lose another 50 pounds as quickly as the first 50, but sure would be nice. Mostly, I try not to think of it and think in terms of 10# goals. I'm hoping this Friday, I will have hit the 270# mark, which will officially mean 50 pound loss.....and will focus on seeing 260#.

My sister was over Sunday, and first thing she said was looks like you've lost a lot of weight...how much? Told her 50 but I'm still so fat and have a long way to go. She said, you'll get there.

Will sign off and continute reading posts on this board.

cathy1628 07-11-2002 04:39 AM

Hi ladies,

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. It's been a couple of weeks. When I go to some sites the titles have changed or their not there. I thought they stayed the same. I'm still learning.

Darlene, welcome. Wow, 48.6 pounds. That's great! Don't worry, you'll do great at losing the rest. Congratulation!!! :)

LindaBC, I hope your feeling better. Sorry to see that you were not well. I'll keep you in my prayers. :)

Hi, Terri, and Bunny. :)

Take care, and "God Bless." Cathy

Terri in MO 07-12-2002 09:56 AM

Hello ladies!

Woohoo, a beautiful, COOL Friday morning. It will be a beautiful weekend after several days of hot, humid, typically summer weather. I'm off on vacation today and Monday, Tuesday next week.

I promised DH that I wouldn't be possessed about projects on this long weekend for me. We're going to see "Road to Perdition" today and I had wanted to go boating but the weather may be stormy. We'll see. Got to get DH out of bed first! :lol:

I'm thrilled to report that I've had four very focused days - all in a row! Its been a long time since I've been this focused. Also been drinking lots of water so I've lost a few water pounds. I have such a hard time with water retention during the summer.

My goal for the weekend is to make it through the weekend focused and not blown out of the water. This is my biggest downfall - the weekend. It worked well to have breakfast and lunch stuff at work all at the beginning of the week. Kept me from being tempted by omelets and breakfast pizza in the cafeteria.

Linda - How's the low-carb going? Those pesky carbs sure do creep in and wreck havoc don't they?

Bunny - How did the doctor's visit go? You're still in my payers.

Darlene - Welcome to the group. Wow, you've done really great with WW. Looks like you've got a good perspective with the small goals. As long as its coming off even if its only 10 pounds a year - its better than putting on 20.

Cathy - Welcome back! We start new threads when the old thread is getting a lot of posts. I shortened the name because we used to have threads for "Counting down" to 200, 225, 250 and other various ranges. However, we seem to be the only active group in the 100 Club. We're all counting down from lots of various starting points and are at various stages.

I better go get DH up and about. Have a great OP day!

slutbunny 07-12-2002 01:07 PM


I finished this sweater for myself this past week - and I love it. I plan to knit more of 'em before the year is over in different weights of yarn and fibers. Its nice to be able to knit a pattern from the magazines without having to first wrestle over increasing it to fit!

Our first dr appointment yielded a referral to a specialist in Asheville. We go on that appointment at the end of August - so we're on our way to finding the solution to her back, I hope!

Gotta go - busy day - but wanted to stop and say Hi!

gardnchld 07-12-2002 10:37 PM

Hey ladies...I have been away but you are right. This thread definately contains the only signs of life on WW 100. I can't say I've been the OP queen during this time away but with some stress at work (I am searching for a new job...have an interview coming up in fact) I am at least proud to say I have maintained my weight and not gone the completely wrong direction. I have resisted joining WW officially but am slowly buckling and thinking its the only way. I went shopping tonight for an "interview outfit" and am discouraged as I write this.

Ultimately I would like to lose about 100 on the nose, size 14/16 is so much better than size 24...I can live with not being a perfect 8. (Also I happen to agree..CJ Banks is a kickin' place to shop for casual to moderately dressy clothing).

Anyway wanted to poke my head in as I try once again to kick this fat to the curb. I am thinking that Thursdays will be my day for meetings as that is a day I am probably going to have better luck requesting to not work the night shift.

I've rambled enough LOL...

cathy1628 07-14-2002 05:43 AM

Hi everyone! :wave:

I hope your haveing a nice weekend. I have a lot of company in from Ohio. They are visiting for a week. I hope I can stay 100% on plan. It's hard with company.

Terri, relax and enjoy your mini vacation. We all need that. Congrats on staying so focused on plan. I will keep your in my prayer for the weekend. You can do it. Your doing great!!! Changing the thread name is o.k. Shorter is better. :)

bunny, you did a great job on your sweater. I wish I could do that. It looks great!!! :D

gardnchild, welcome back. Congratulation on staying the same. Good job! :)

Take care, and "God Bless." Cathy :)

Terri in MO 07-14-2002 08:45 AM

Good Sunday morning!

One day left of my week and I have 2 banked points! DH is even more focused for me which is very good.

Yesterday we went down to mom & dad's to see our horses. Our baby is two months old now and she is so cute. She's going to be a beauty. We bathed her for the first time. Since she's an appaloosa, she has white rings around her eyes. She certainly gets that wild-eyed look when you're doing new things to her. She's also not afraid of trying to kick you. Ornery little fart!

We had to take our big dog Bear to the vet on Friday night. He had a huge gash down his back which he must have gotten from chasing the bulldog under the deck. We ended up having to leave him until Monday am. :( It sure is quiet around here with only the bulldog. Its funny how disruptive the two of them are and how I'd like to strangle one of them on a regular basis. However, when its just one, they are perfectly sane dogs. So the bulldog has been getting a little spoiling. She'll be in for a rude shock that the big black bully is coming back!! :lol:

I did decide that I will be possessed about one project and that's finishing this blasted futon frame that I've been working on staining for too long now. That whole mess has taken over my exercise area and I've decided to get it done today so I can reclaim that spot. At least then maybe I can get my exercise videos out a couple of times a week.

I better get upstairs so we can go to church. Later on is boating!!

Have a great Lord's Day!

j-ann 07-14-2002 03:20 PM

It's been a really busy week for me. Today, so far :) , I've stayed OP. Can't say as much for the rest of the week. didn't journal and we all know what happens to me when I let journaling slide. :(

Was pretty good yesterday. Think I might have had an OP day but didn't write it down, :nono: so I'm not 100% sure. Today, so far ... so good!

Here's my first suggestion for a new group name: POUNDS GOIN' DOWN - SPIRITS GOIN' UP . That one's kind oflong. I'll work on it more during the week. Just thought of another one: LOOKING AT "LESS"

TERRI: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY !!!! :hb: Sorry I didn't check the list earlier. Hope you had a great day and are all set to beging another new year. Weekends can be tough for me too. Planning meals at work make Mon. - Fri. a bit easier. God only nows what I'll do if I ever retire. :rolleyes:

I hope Bear's doing better. It's not been a great week for the critters here either. Sarah (pointer) has decided to lose, only the black hairs, (her spots) on one side so off to the vet for a shot for her. Dancin',the cocker, decided to come into season for the first time in 4 yrs. Icky!! Gotta get this old gal spayed. And they are both taking turns with the "trots" so I had to get samples (yep, you can guess what kind :)) from both for lab tests. Oh yeah, the cat is throwing up too, but that's just hair balls. Sometimes I feel like I'm the Keeper of the Zoo!

Has the ornery baby got a name yet? I love horses but don't ride. They like me cause I always have something to feed them.

LINDA: Any results on the ECG yet? Glad you went to see the Dr. We all hate to go see them but they are a necessary "evil" aren't they? Check with your WW leader. I'm not sure but they may have a low carb plan? I could be wrong about that tho. You know we'll al be here to support you in you effort to lose, no matter what plan you use to get there. After all it's about getting healthy isn't it??

BUNNY: I LOVE the sweater!!!! WOOHOO, I'm so glad you're now into 18/20's. What a GOOD THING. It's supposed to get hot here tomorrow for a few days. It'll be salads and grill cooking 'til it cools. No air here either.:(

DARLENE: WELCOME! Sounds like you have the right attitude and it shows in your numbers. Don't let having to lose 100 lbs. get you down. Don't even think about the BIG #. Set, small attainable goals of 5 or 10 lbs. When you reach a goal, CELEBRATE!, and set a new one. I'd be depressed all the time if I dwelled on the fact that I should lose about 200 lbs. Instead, I do small goals, with BIG CELEBRATIONS every time they add up to 25 lbs. It makes life, mentally, a lot easier. I'm in this for the long haul no matter what happens along the way.

CATHY: WELCOME BACK! Try to get here more often. We like company. :)

CJ: HI! Glad you found us. Good luck with your job search. Work stress is the pits, isn't it? I'm thinking I've got to look for a CJ Banks. Do they have a catalog? Stop back often.

Well gotta go. It's not too hot so I may do pasta and a salad for dinner today. Already sliced up lots of cucumbers in vinegar to eat in the heat.

Oh yeah, someone (I forget who, sorry) asked where to get the WW 5 Igredients in 15 Minutes Cookbook. It's available from Oxmoor House. They run ads in WW Magazine, Fitness, etc.

rozzypozzy 07-14-2002 09:57 PM

Thanks J-ann, it was me who asked about the 15 min cookbook. I'll have to pick up a copy of the WW mag. Anyone else gain weight when the weather is extremely hot even while staying OP??:?:

Darby10 07-15-2002 01:10 AM

Thank you all for the warm welcome. Like the name of Pounds Goin' Down, Spirits Goin' Up. I do believe, it's just not the pounds going down, but in order to shed weight we must adhere to healthy low fat/low cal foods and exercise.....that alone will lift anyone's spirit. Put weight loss on top of that...and well, it just doesn't get much better than that.

Weight Watchers Weigh in was a 2.6# loss this past week, and not only did I make the 50# weight loss milestone....it was 52# woohoo!

Take my measurements once a month, and have shown the biggest loss in my waist. Well, let's put it this way....I am beginning to show signs of having a waist now.

Had my sister over for lunch Saturday, and made the Chocolate Angel Food Cake, from the receipe section on this site. It was absolutely awesome! I'm 56 and have done a lot of baking in my time, but this is the first time I ever made a cake from scratch or bought "cake flour". It was fun. I sent most of the cake home with her as I live alone. I topped the cake with a concoction I make, FF Cool Whip(8oz) and 1/2 pkg of Fat&Sugar Free Instant Chocolate pudding (small size) and added another teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder. It's more like mousse and also very low cal/and fat under 1gm/no sugar or sweetner.

Need to get more motivated with walking/exercising. Always put it off until later (most days), and find myself getting ready for bed and no exercise for the day other than the usual housework, etc.

Congratulations to (didn't write down your name) on your colt, and so sorry to hear about your dog.

Whoever knitted the sweater it's really pretty, I dont knit but do crochet.

Getting late and best be signing off.


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