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Default So Sorry Jo!

Hi Jo,
I am truly sorry about you losing your Dad. I know you must have loved him so much, but your family is there for you and so are we. If you need to talk, vent or cry go ahead and post when you need us. I too know about losing your loved ones, as I have lost my Mother, my little brother Rick-remember my SIL, Chrissy's husband-former Thin Group, and finally I don't think you were posting with us, but my brother, Jerry. he lived with us and I took care of him for 5 years, he was mentally challenged and had COPD as well and that is what killed him, his heart just couldn't take all the breathing attacks and having to go to the hospital all the time. It is so hard losing people you love isn't it? I didn't know you lost a brother and sister(s) too, did you lose more than one brother and sister? You know life sometimes isn't fair is it? Now I only have 1 brother left and never had a sister, but have loved to have had one. You have been an angel for all you have done since you Dad has been sick, driving back and forth and for all you have done for your family.

It is strange what your horoscope said about you taking on new challenges and I think that is a good path to follow, I know I am tired of not being where I want to be. I was doing pretty good before and now I am just holding and staying the same, but let's challenge ourselves and everyone else to do this. You will win this Jo, like your horoscope said. I am with you for recommiting, but right now just focus on your family and friends and especially I know your Mom needs you to be there for her as well. So take care my friend and see you when you post again.

I know you will be back with us and until than I love you Jo, and hope to talk to you when you are ready.

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