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Hi Ladybugnessa,

I do understand the diet. Honestly, I do. Just because I haven't read the book doesn't mean that I don't understand it. But I do agree I need to get the book, but I just wish everyone would stop reminding me, lol. I sometimes think of a lot of people here as the south beach diet police... Though I'm not trying to be mean when I say it. I'm probably not following the diet exactly as it's supposed to be done, but I understand the principles behind it, that it's not really a 'low carb' diet, just a diet that wants you to focus on healthy, filling carbs with a low glycemic index. And the phase 1 part is helping you to rid yourself of your cravings for bad carbs, while replacing them with good carbs with a low GI like legumes, veggies, and lower-fat dairy products. I understand the principality behind it, and agree with it, which is why I chose this diet.

HOWEVER- that said, I think maybe doing an altered version of this diet might be better for me. I should maybe just do "phase 2" and call that my own personal SBD. But, I am still going to finish with phase one. I owe to myself (and anyone else that thinks that I can't do it) to try and succeed. I am not giving up because I have always given up stuff before. Not this time.

About my boyfriend, I agree he's being unsupportive but he really does mean well. He thinks that I am sexy, ever since going on this diet he has been telling me 24/7. See, I am pretty tall and my weight is pretty well distributed, so I come off looking big boned. Not that I am saying "ooh I'm so fine" or anything, but a lot of dudes would be surprised to know my actual weight. When he cheered me on, he was doing it because he thinks that I shouldn't think I'm fat and wants me to believe I'm sexy. He doesn't have a fat chick fetish or anything... his as-of-yesterday-ex-wife is like 5'1 and probably 100 pounds. His other girlfriends were thin, too. I think he would love the way I will look when I lose the weight, but doesn't mind the way I look now either, I think his efforts are just misguided, he wants to be 'supportive' by telling me I'm sexy and not fat and stuff. I understand that he's not coming off like a prince to anybody right now, though, lol. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man, judging people on the inside rather than for their weight. With a society so focused on thin-ness, it's nice to have people like that in this world. It's great that he is supportive though. But hey- in my opinion, you look great! So of course he thinks you're the sexiest thing around.

I have like, always been a binge eater. You are so right. That's a habit I have to break. I've done better at breaking it recently... but when faced with the possibilty of something really delicious (say I was hungry and went to our local chinese restaurant)... well, I would binge, binge, binge.

I gotta try this roasted cauliflower, you're the one who mentioned the roasted chickpeas, btw, BRILLIANT suggestion, those things are so delicious. Oh my god, they are awesome! Snacking on them right now.

Thanks for your tips, believe me, I'm going to refer to them from now on. I am not giving up, I am going to keep up with this. I am going to do this! If I keep screwing up, well then, I guess I'll just have to do the calorie counting or something. I know Bf isn't responsible for what I ate, I took full accountability, I was only saying that he wasn't very supportive is all. I know you guys are not my 'mother confessors' but I look to this forum for support and advice, that's what I thought the forum was for, so I like to know that when I'm screwing up, I can come here for support. Without it, I would probably fail. I just don't want to come here and be discouraged. I can do it just as well as any of you can... it's just a big adjustment, but I know I can do it.

But thanks for the straight-up talk, I do appreciate it. But have some faith, I'll show you, I can do it! Again, thanks a lot for the roasted chickpea idea, they are a lifesaver for when I get the snack munchies. I put mine in a tupperware and shook them up with garlic powder, mrs dash table blend seasoning, cayenne pepper powder, and soul seasoning. MMMMM!!!!!!
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