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Hi Everyone,

My doc had me on liquids for 2 weeks after surgery and then 1 week of mushies and then on solids. Since they use the newer band which is bigger (10cm) , they wanted me to have my first fill at 1 month after surgery. I put it off because it was year-end and I was stressed. So I went for my first fill 6 weeks after surgery. When I first went they gave me 3cc's, I felt no restriction and was able to eat like six raviolis. So doc told me to come again, so 2 weeks later, he put in another 3cc's. I had kept the 12lbs off from the liquid diet prior to surgery, but I wasn't losing anything after the 2 fills. He told me my band was larger and that I need more liquid at my weight to feel restriction. Then 1 month later they put in 1 1/2cc's. I have a total of 7 1/2 cc's. I lost another 10lbs and have kept that off too. For the first year my dr wants me to come monthly to check my progress and give me a fill if needed.

I'm due for another fill on Monday, April 14th. I actually can't wait because, if I lose another 10lbs, I will be 6lbs from being 199. I haven't been 1-something in about 17 years.
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