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Originally Posted by Meg View Post
Who remembers Metrecal, the first liquid diet in a can?
I was going to mention that. Precursor to SlimFast. I remember my mother bought them by the case. She also had Ayds candy, Metrecal cookies -- for a while there we used to get her sugarfree treats for presents. Ick. Those cookies were like rocks, most of them.

When AIDS came to be known in the late 70s, the name being the same as those weight loss candies, seemed a particularly cruel irony. Most people had never heard of the candies, though.

When I was Sweatin' to the Oldies and doing Jane Fonda tapes, I had an exercise tape for my DD that was very cute and came from a children's clothing mfr, Hanna Andersson. Something to do with "Swenson the Pig"; it was fun for an adult to do with a small child.
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