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Default I had the Food Mover

Actually, I still have it, but the hinges finally got brittle and broke. I used it in 2000 and lost 77 or 87 lbs (I can't remember if I got down to 124 or 134; I started at 211). Kept most of the weight off for 10 years, and have used the Food Mover intermittently since then. I'm back up to 208, so I'm going at it again, using a second one I got at Goodwill or a garage sale about 5-10 years ago for a buck and a half.

I just saw a Deal A Meal kit (minus the video) on eBay yesterday for $33, a steal since it's a collectors item now and not generally to be had for less than $100. So I ordered it.

I also have an Android app called Tap A Meal, which pretty faithfully imitates the Food Mover, minus the affirmations. The developer added the water, vitamin, and exercise to it at my request. I got it a few years ago, since it was free and my phone is smaller and easier to carry around with me, and less obtrusive to pull out while I'm eating. Unfortunately, I can't find it on the app store any more. There's a completely different app by the same name there now.

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