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Question nightmares, not sleeping at night

Originally Posted by GrammyRN View Post
Thank you, Leenie - hopefully the nerve thing will go away soon. Last nutrition class is this coming week, THEN maybe we can set the date! Am just getting more and more ready to get this on and start feeling better and better. My DH swears I have no idea how bad I really do feel (sleeping all the time, nightmares at night, etc.) from being so overweight. (He should know since he had GB a couple of yrs back.) He's my bestest cheerleader, thankfully. Carol

wow, I so relate to this! Lately my sleep is so messed up! I am miserable during the tired all the time. I don't sleep well at 237. I have crazy crazy anxiety producing dreams all night long.. i wake up to pee about 5 times a night, I think I may have sleep lips are dry and cakey in the morning from sleeping with my mouth open all night. Ido have a deviated septum...but it was never this bad b4 I gained this last 1 lbs. Nothing ever kept me from sleep till now! I am also waiting for surgery. Ins. has approved now I am waiting on doctor. Geez! I go in April 1 for an appt since ins. approved...they said to wear comfortable shoes? ANyone know what may take place here? I asked when would I get to have surgery after this appt and they said 4-6 weeks. Bummer! What takes so long? Insight here anyone who has been thru it? I know doc's are different, but what do ya think is the process?

thanks, deb
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