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yes, i am still on the product and it works great! i just have to pull myself into exercising ecery morning because i know that will speed up the process. i don't feel jittery at all. i do, however feel a little shaky if i take the pill and don't eat at all...which would happen to me without the pill. it's just that the pill cuts my appetite so much that i don't even realixe that i really should eat. then as soon as i put something in my mouth, it goes away. and any little thing fills me up too. so starting tomorrow, when i take the pill and feel like i need to eat, i'm going to eat a piece of fruit since it will fill me up. i'll do that for breakfast nad lunch, then i'll have regular food for dinner. i'm sure i should lose the weight pretty fast with that, and at least i'll be eating healthy food, you know?
Well, i think the roduct is great. so let me know if you try it!
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