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well, i just wanted to say that i am using the product and i found that it works great! if someone is looking for something to curb their appetite while starting a diet, or just to help to keep the cravings down, i think that the new xenadrine would be a great choice. i started on monday, and hopefully this doesn't contradict what i just said, but i got a little jittery and i didn't feel all that great towards the middle of the day. but after using it again yesterday, that feeling wasn't there so i figured that it was because my body wasn't used to not eating so much, since it cut my appetite so much. i'm in college, and i usually get REALLY hungry in EVERY class, but with this pill, i am honestly never hungry. i can tell that i need to eat, but any little bit fills me up and i don't crave so much junk food. and i don't feel jittery at all. on the bottle it says to take only one pill for the first week if you are under 150 pounds, so that's what i've been taking. i'll take two tomorrow to see if it makes a difference, and if it makes me feel too funny, the one pill does the job anyway.
it feels so great to be in comoplete control of my appetite now. i don't spend every minute of the day thinking about what i'm going to eat next.
I have a friend who lost 40 pounds on the regular xenadrine (she said she had to force herself to get used to the jitters). I saw her in school last year, then i saw her again a month ago and she looks like a completely different person. She looks great, and her body looks like she actually wroked out! and she told me that she exercised once in a while. i couldn't believe it. After seeing her, i wanted to try xenadrine so badly, but i knew how horribly my body reacts to ephedrine, so i didn't try it. So you can imagine how happy i was when i found out about this product. however, i will start my tae-bo tapes with it because i know that the exercise will help the weight come off even faster, hopefully.
Well, i'll shut up now, to make a long story short, i'm no saleswoman...and this product works wonders for me. and i usually eat the food off of my boyfriend's plate.
And the great thing about purchasing form GNC is that if you keep your receipt, you can return the product if it doesn't work for you. So i really think you should try it. i don't see why you shouldn't since it doesn't have the harmful ephedra.
Well, hope my life-story is of help to you!
Good Luck!

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