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Morning, 3 new posts! It was a busy posting night.

Kylie, I second what chick says. Modify where you need to. It is a great workout that will give you results. The dreaded binge. I actually thought I had left that behind but when major life stresses hit, that is exactly what I did.

Sirak, good to hear from you. Been missing your posts. You do sound busy. You know the thing I have to avoid is the fast food drive thru. That is where I headed when my kitchen was out of commission. Yesterday I didn't have time to fix my lunch and snack for work but finally made the choice to hit the grocery store for a good protein bar, some cheese sticks and apples and that got me through the day just fine.

Your analogy of the pendulum is perfect. I didn't quite think of a word for what I was feeling but I definitely felt that Sunday I had reached the highest weight, the worst icky feeling of my clothes being too small. That everyday after that I would be on my way to a smaller and happier self. After working out yesterday morning I had that sense of well being that only sweating out toxins in the workout room can give.

Thanks for your encouragement everyone.

Oh, by the way I did finally find the perfect dress last night. Believe it or not, a "little black dress" that is cut pretty nicely. When I saw it on the rack I actually prayed that it would fit. Somehow, miraculously almost, it did. Just in the nick of time too. Show opens today.

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