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Lili - Congrats on the job. I write grant applications on a contract basis, so I work in the nonprofit sector as well and can relate a bit. I have a different perspective, though. I write about the heartbreak (and really, the more heartbreaking I can make it sound, the more likely I'll get an organization some much needed money), but don't experience it first-hand, so I get the high of helping without the agony of seeing the misery so closely. It really is people who are strong enough to do what you do that change the world.

Congrats on your decision to commit to a plan. And if you ever need suggestions on how to get through a 14-hour day while still eating in a healthy way, I know you'll get showered with suggestions on how it can be done if you just start a thread asking for them. Hope you were able to bring some measure of comfort to those abandoned children.
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