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G'morning all,

Nancy, I can't keep trigger foods in my house. Butter isn't one of them. I have to throw away butter cuz it goes bad in the frig. I finally got a sealable box so it lasts longer. I had to skip getting any WW ice cream treats in my last grocery store run because of late, I'll eat a whole box of 6 bars in a day.

Battle, I'm a unit eater too. So if I only have one small bag of something, that's all I'll eat. Buying a bunch of small bags doesn't work for me, however. I've been playing with the same couple of pounds after being a WW angel for 3 weeks (prior to my pity party). Someone told me it's not a true plateau until 6-8 weeks pass without a change. In the past, I'd never let it go long enough to test that theory.. hehe. I'd just give up and start eating. I am right there with you on the frustration when you do everything right and the body reneges on the contract.

Bodytoo, I love books too! It was hard when I decided to stop buying so many and just go to the library. Of course, I had to buy Harry Potter. Some books are necessary to purchase

Catherine, YAY for you and getting your groove (singing) back!! I know it was a big decision to focus on your school work. That was hard to do! I'm so glad you were asked.. yes, it's fabulous to be noticed that you do something good and you are wanted! I have a hard time taking compliments as well. Today, instead of downplaying the compliment or try to return one, I smile and say "thank you". Wow, is that hard for me to do!

Outland, Yay for you throwing away the last of the junk food stuff! It's fabulous that your leg swelling has gone down too. After doing 8 straight hours of bathroom remodel, I weighed just for the fun of it because I was sweating so much... I lost 3 lb of water! wow.. I sat down and rehydrated quickly.

Violet, How's that lunch box treating ya? I do the stress food rewards too. What's really hard is the vending machine at work and this one lady who bakes all the time and brings stuff to work. She's thin as a rail. OMGosh, so sorry about the bank crap. I stick to credit unions as well. I'm glad your BF helped. Good news about your shift and your vacation days!! I think it was really strong of you to tell your friend that about your feelings about her cheating. I am thoroughly convinced that people create their own ****. There's one girl at work that is constantly in crisis. My stomach cramps just listening to her.

Wyllenn, sometimes you have to enjoy the time you have with a loved one. I'm happy you two had some QT together!!! I think you made great choices to be high on the fruits. As they say, "... snuggle time.. priceless".

Jilly, yay for avoiding the potholes of MickyD's and the fast food on the way to work. Sorry it's so hot in there. Hope they get it fixed soon!!

I made some roasted veggies yesterday and they weren't very good. The tater slices didn't wanna cook to save their lives and the summer squash was tough. Despite that, I picked out the onion and zuchinni and got a veggie serving in! I have a salad planned for lunch and have some avocado to put in as a treat.

The cpap machine and I did better last night, but only because I was so exhausted I must have passed out after an hour of finally getting comfy. I only woke up to change positions. For some reason, when on my side, air goes in my tummy (but not when sleeping on my back). That air has gotta get out somehow!! Good thing I live alone cuz it escapes out of both ends (sorry WTMI). hehe.

Luv and hugs to all,
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