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Ennay, acknowledging that a condition has genetic or biological roots doesn't mean we're not in control. Of course you and I are in complete control of everything we put in our mouths and whether we choose to exercise or not.

I don't know if this will make sense to anyone else, but this is how my thinking goes ...

My son has Type 1 diabetes. Was it his fault that he got diabetes? No, it was a genetic tendency that he was born with that was triggered when he was 17 (there's speculation as to what the triggers for diabetes are, but that's not important here).

Does the fact that his condition has a genetic cause absolve him from the responsibility to manage his condition and his health? Of course not! There are things he, as a diabetic, must do every day to stay healthy: monitor his blood sugar levels 5 - 6 times, give himself 4- 6 insulin injections, monitor and limit his carb intake etc. These are things we non-diabetics don't worry about because our pancreases (sp?) handle our insulin needs without any thought or effort from us.

Likewise, I was born with a condition called obesity. It doesn't have a cure yet, so it's my responsibility to manage my condition to stay in optimal health. Certain things are required of me every day: exercise, monitoring of my calorie intake, careful meal planning, ignoring hunger, limiting food intake. It is my personal responsibility to manage my obesity and remain in the best possible health. Normal people don't need to do the things that I do in order to maintain a normal weight.

Regardless of why I became obese, I believe that I am 100% in control of my actions and consequently, my weight. No one and nothing can make me fat again except me. And I tell myself that every day!
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