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I definitely think people are afraid or embarrassed to acknowledge that there may be physical, biological causes for obesity. We're all here at 3FC because we're committed to doing something about our excess weight. Since (at this time) science and medicine have very little to offer us to assist in our lifelong struggle, we all realize that it boils down to personal responsibility for weight management. And no one here wants to be perceived as making excuses and not stepping up to take personal responsibility.

I DONT want to hear that I am not 100% in control. I try very hard not to beat myself up if I am not perfect. I DETEST when people call themselves names.

But I dont think "learn to be satisfied being fat" is a reasonable thing for me, especially not with my health issues and 2 small children who deserve to have me around for a long time (I know I know, the obesity/=bad health chapter is still coming)

I dont want to hear that I should give up hope and that is what this book seems to be attempting to do.
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