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Originally Posted by shrinkingchica View Post
The DIFFERENCE is that food is food and that is the trigger. For alcoholics, all drinks aren't triggers, only alcohol is. For people who have food addiction issues a banana is the same as a candy bar in that it is both food and both can be "used" for emotional reasons.

I do not believe the same can be said for water versus vodka.

You can't "use" water just like you can't "use" air. But ALL foods are suseptible to being "used."

And that is my point.
It's different for different people, I guess. Bananas are not triggers for me. Nor is broccoli. Nor is brown rice. Nor is boneless/skinless chicken breast. As long as I stick to foods I know aren't triggers for me, I'm okay. But I always know that those "other foods" are there, so every day it's a conscious decision not to eat them. I'm 100 days abstinent today, and I'm abstinent because every single day I chose to avoid my trigger foods. I stick to foods that I cannot "use". As an alcoholic sticks to drinks that they can't use. Different strokes, I guess.
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