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Originally Posted by shrinkingchica View Post
I agree with your general ideas there ennay.

But, the differenence (and it is MAJOR) is that we HAVE to eat everyday. We have to face our demons up close and personal everyday. It would then, therefore, be like an alcoholic who is forced to drink everyday but limit it to only a shot or a can of beer and no more.
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that is what I am saying...

the "naturally thin" are like non-alcoholics - controlling emotional eating isnt important because it doesnt hurt them

the naturally heavy have to try to resolve some of that emotional eating because it is damaging to us.

the author seems to be saying that since we alll eat emotionally and some are thin and some are fat, that emotional eating doesnt have to be addressed

for me, personally, eating isn't always a thing like addiction, eating FOOD isnt the problem. All food isnt like alcohol. Most food would be like asking an alcoholic to drink water or milk. I've never triggered a binge by eating a salad. But eating emotionally can be, that is when things spiral OOC.
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