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Originally Posted by SusanB View Post
I also wish that just once she would have talked to folks who have been successful. But hey ... maybe I'm looking for the complete works of all weight loss studies and the evidence ... all in one book. Kolata was not writing that.
I wished that too, Susan. You're right. That wasn't the "story" she was telling. If she had talked to successful losers and maintainers, that wouldn't have fit with the biology story she was telling.

It's funny. I hear on this site all the time people complaining that researchers spin their statistics and evidence. However, I wonder if people also think about the degree to which journalists (which Kolata is) do the same...

I enjoyed Kolata's book all in all. It gave me some things to think about, and the newer research focusing on leptin is fascinating. She made me believe that there is more to the biological component than I had believed. And, maybe that's because she did "spin" the book the way she did.

In the end, I don't believe that we yet have the full story (I bet we all agree on that, even Kolata). Yes, biology plays a role, and hopefully that knowledge will help us develop better medications and "whatnot" down the line. However, I also know of a number of people who HAVE successfully maintained a large weight loss thanks to 3fc, and know that gaining it all back is not necessarily inevitable. I can think of some research questions I would like the answers to (such as the role of exercise and especially weight training...).

But what I didn't like about the book is Kolata's framing of the issues -- her spin. Her certainty, if you will. Though, I guess books that sell you "answers" sell better than ones that raise more questions. I think we, the public, want "truth" and certainty, so that's what we get, even if it's not the whole answer.

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