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Hey all...thanks so much to the well wishers for my little weekend getaway. We had a very nice time, and my son loved his day at the amusement park. For me that part of the trip was hard and a little depressing. It was a lovely day - sunny and warm - and it was nice to be out, but I had to pay over 100.00 to get us both into the park and I couldn't use any of the rides because of my size. I knew that going in, and I didn't even try, but I felt really kind of diminished as a human being in a small way being made to pay anyway. Also, I was just kind of exhausted and aching - it's a long time to be on your feet and standing in lines and walking around. So, a victory to look forward to for the future! For now, I'm glad I was able to give my son a special day, though it will be more special in the future when we can ride together.

Just had to pick up on Catherine's story from the last thread about the comments of the cardiologist. What a terrible, destructive, inexcusable thing to say to a person. What happened to 'First do no harm'? What a way to reveal his limitations not only as a doctor, but as a human being. Catherine, I hope that what he said was such an obvious and egregious violation that it didn't get down into your soul even at the time. If it did, success is the best revenge.

And I have to jump on the 'Awesome new picture, Heather!' bandwagon. It really is a remarkably different look at you, and it's a very, very nice picture. Cool!
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