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Hey everyone-

Well I am feeling tons better! I was already sick with a cold then I got food poisoning! OK that literally was the worst I think I have EVER felt in my life. So I am SO happy that is over with! I am so scared to eat out now! I guess that can be a good thing right? And of course right when the food poison episode is over TOM decides to show up early! Well I have missed so much but I wanted to get a few personals in.

WYLLENN~Love your new pic! You look great!

JILL~Sorry you have to fast so long! I hope everything with your blood work turns out fine.

LESLEY~WTG on losing 10%!!! Oh and I was just curious...when did you officially start losing weight? You have been doing fantastic!

KAYLEY~WW sounds like a good idea. I have been thinking about looking into it myself. Its great you are excited about it! And I hope you get the job you want!

JENN~WTG on staying on plan. And what great NSVs! I always see my losses first in the way my clothes start to get looser.

OK sorry to cut this short. I hope you all are having a good day.
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Angry Aarrgghh!


Went to lunch with a friend. Applebees. WW menu. Easy, huh?

Then she suggested we get dessert. "Let's just split one." say I. Do we get the WW dessert? NO! We get the Maple Walnut Blondie (with maple butter sauce of course.)

I get back to the office and do an exhaustive search on the internet and finally find nutrition data for it.

CALORIES -- 1,307
FAT -------- 66 g.
FIBER ------ 3 g.

A TWENTY SIX point dessert! I only get 27 a freakin' day!

At least I only had 1/2 of it. I suppose that's something. It's a vegetarian dinner for me tonight!

Kaylee - This is where the true joy of Weight Watchers comes in...flex points!!! YAY! I don't have to starve - I do have some of those left!!!

Michelle, glad you are feeling better!

Brenda, so glad your meeting when well! Good for you!

I know other folks need responding to, but I haven't the time! I'll try to bbl and get some replies. Until then, DON'T eat the Blondie at Applebee's and Have a Terrific OP day!!!
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Well, today was the doctor visit, then I went to dancercise class.

I was nervous about the first band adjustment one point, I even went to the bathroom almost in tears, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be once the port was found and the saline went in. I was expecting this GIANT needle, but actually it wasn't that big...LOL. 1 cc of saline went in, which I didn't feel at all. I laughed later for being such a scaredy cat fool.

And I lost three more pounds.

I go back June 4 for the second adjustment...I am on soft stuff today and tomorrow and then back to regular food.

It's beautiful out today...I may go for a walk later after my (soft) dinner.
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Just popping in to report my bloodwork results. Most of it was normal. The doc was quite happy with my total cholesteral level of 137...YES if you can believe that! WOW! My LDL is 96 (under 100 is optimal they say) and my HDL is 34 (need to increase this a bit to 50-60), but she says with the food changes and the exercise it should get better. My TSH is about 3 times what it should be, so they are starting me on a low dose med for that and will up it if need be. I will have to go in for another blood test in 6-8 weeks for that.

Overall the Dr. was very happy with my test results and that was a BIG relief to me.

On the WI front. It was a rollercoaster week foodwise, but I am still OP and maintained my weight this week.

to you all!!
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Not Giving Up!
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Hello Everyone!

Well my tai-chi class got postponed until Wednesday, and I didn't find out until right before I was going to leave. So instead, I just went walking for an hour. I have been craving Indian something awful, so after walking I went grocery shopping and they have these 'ethnic gourmet' frozen dinners. I got tikka masala and palak paneer and had the tikka for lunch today - it was pretty good! Of course not as good as going to a restaurant but then again it was a lot less calories and fat, too. For anyone following WW, it was 5 points, about the same as one of those lean cuisine dinners. And it satisfied my craving and gave me something else to add to my lunch menu.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and congratulations on my little milestone. My next mini-goal is to get down to the weight I put on my driver's license - 275! Tell me I'm not the only one who lied about that!

Jill, I hope your tests this afternoon go OK. I always have to tell the tech exactly where to take the blood from or else they poke and prod me searching for a vein, sometimes missing - ouch! A salad sounds really yummy - what is your favoritest kind?

Donna, I'm glad to hear the new guy is working out so far, too bad he's just temporary. Perhaps they'll look at making him permanent?

Kayley, good for you for finding the right plan for you! Sounds like you're all prepared and ready to go - good luck, you can do this! Once I get some more time, I'll hunt around for some of the WW-inspired recipes I especially liked and post them. Good luck with the job hunt!

Shadie, you are so sweet, it makes me smile everytime I see and read one of your posts. Oooh, a treadmill all your own? Lucky you! I hope you rack up lots of miles on it! And thank you so much for your kind words - I'm glad I can reciprocate some of the support and inspiration I've received here.

Brenda, I'm glad to hear your meeting with the bride went well. See, nothing to get worried about! Easier said than done, huh?

Jenn, it's a fabulous feeling to have once too-small or too-tight clothes fit or be loose, isn't it! Good for you for staying OP and chugging that water - I hope your hard work is reflected on the scale today.

Blondie, have you checked in the 'Dieting with Obstacles' forum? There should be some info there on dieting/exercise for new mommies.

Metachick, glad to hear you had a good weekend with your son, despite the rides situation. We can all relate to that one, I'm sure! I used to pretend after awhile that I didn't like the rides, because I didn't want my friends to think it was just because I wouldn't fit. Someday we'll get there!

Michelle, you just can't catch a break, can you? I hope the various sickbugs stay far away from you for a good while! I started this plan on March 5th, so about two months now. I go back to my doctor next month for a checkup and I'm really curious as to what my bloodwork - and the doc - will say.

Lilion, on the up side, at least you did split it, so in the larger scheme of things, 16 points isn't THAT bad. And that's part of why the flex points are there, right? To help you through those kind of situations.

LAnne, I'm glad to hear the doc visit wasn't as bad as you feared and congrats on another 3lbs gone!

Peggy, glad to hear the results were positive. What does TSH stand for?
__________________________________________________ _______

Alrighty, I'm off to do a bit of laundry and housecleaning before hubby gets home. Talk to you ladies later - hope everyone's having a great day!

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Hi...I have 2 seconds to let you guys know that I posted pic's from the competitions on the picture page if you want to see...BBL or tommorow!!
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Hi, this is my first post ever...I need encouragement I am almost 300 hurts even to type the number and I cannot seem to stick to a plan everytime I start one, 3 weeks later I give up.
I want to try this 'smash diet'. What are the pitfalls?
need encouragement
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LILION~Thanks I am so happy to be feeling better. I hear ya about almost using all of your points! It amazes me how many calories/fat is in just a piece of dessert!

LANNE~Congrats on losing 3 pounds!

PEGGY~That is great about most of your blood work coming back normal! So with your TSH level that means you are hypothyroid right? I am hypo and am on synthyroid. I hope the medicine will help soon!

LESLEY~Thanks I hope I can stay well! Well you are doing awesome for being on plan for 2 months! You must be so excited! I bet your blood work will come back with some good news! Sorry your class was canceled. It sounds fun though. And yes I think even when I was thinner I lied about my weight on my license. Thank God they don't make us weigh there!

DONNA~Great pics! The girls are so cute!

DIVA~ So glad you joined! I totally understand about starting up and then quitting weeks later. I used to give up the next day! I have found this site really helpful because when I fail or eat wrong for a whole week I have everyone here to remind me to just pick myself back up and keep trying. Again welcome!

OK off to do the dreaded laundry! Its never ending!
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Thank you for the welcome! I'm off to the grocery store so I can start this 'lifestyle change' tomorrow!

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Cris: Your new picture on your avitar is beautiful. You are a very pretty lady.

Lisa: Sorry you are bumming about not being able to do the liquid diet right now. Try to concentrate on getting your leg healed up. June will be here in a jiffy!

Kayley: Good luck on ww. I hope it is the perfect plan for you guys.

Brenda: So glad the bride liked your stuff and hired you! Awesome.

Jilly: Poor thing. By now you have probably eaten some lunch at least.

Lesley: Wooohoooo on being at 10% lost! That is so awesome. I have about 6 more pounds to go myself for my first 10%. I am so happy for you.

Donna: Have a great day.

Shadie; Hope you get that new treadmill soon. Hugs.

Michelle: Glad you are feeling better

LeeAnnC: so glad that the fill went easier than you thought and also congrats on another 3 lost.

Lilion: It's okay. Just get back on the wagon the rest of the day and you will be fine!

Peggy: Glad that most of your tests came back good. Hugs.

Divaintraining: Welcome. I hope you enjoy this site as much as I have. The ladies here are amazing.

As for me, I am down another 6 .5 pounds today. I have changed my ticker to reflect the loss. 6 more pounds and I will be 1) at a 10% weight loss and 2) past the old 460 mark that I always stop at. I hope you gals are all doing well and having wonderful op days filled with exercise.

Blessings all,
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Annie, you are just doing GREAT! I'm so happy for you! Those are some terrific losses you have been posting!

Divaintraining - I can't answer your question, but I'm sure someone can! Don't dispair! I got to 328 before I finally turned it around and it's still a struggle...but every day is a new day to start over!

Question - I saw at least two folks who have "intuitive eating" mentioned under their avatar. What is that???
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DIVA~Have fun grocery shopping!

ANNIE~YAY on losing 6.5 pounds! You will make those goals!

OK I seriously now have to do laundry. I keep getting sucked back into surfing on the web!
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Hi Everyone!

Not a lot to say today. I'm getting organized at work for some visitors tomorrow. The stacks were piled high on my desk, but I can now see the desk again so I'm making progress.

Litchick - Less than 300 lbs is magnificent and 10% of your body weight lost is even more impressive. You go girl. Keep it up!

Metachick - When I was a teenager, I worked at amusement parks and absolutely loved to visit. I finally quit going later in life because of my weight and the fear that I wouldn't fit in the seats. I never tried because I didn't want confirmation that I was too big. I feel for you and I'm sorry it made you feel bad. Don't be too hard on yourself. There are a bunch of us out there who are in the same boat. Keep your chin up!

Michelle - What a bummer! That is so depressing when you think you did good and you end up seeing the calories go wild. When I joined my weight management plan, they made us do a calorie check of things we liked to eat when we dined out. I picked a salad that I usually get and some egg rolls. I ended up at 2,000 calories and I thought I had been eating light. It's dangerous out there, but don't get down on yourself. Just keep pluggin'.

Tourister - Cholesterol of 137 - amazing! Congrats!

LANNE - Congrats on losing 3 pounds and making it through the first adjustment. I have heard that it takes some trial and error with adjustments before you find the right fill, so give it time.

Divaintraining - I know how you feel about nearing 300. I joined this site in February at 286 and was just mortified when I had to admit it in writing. You will find a lot of support here. Everyone has the same issues and we are all very understanding and supportive of one another. You are not alone.

Annie - Down 6.5! Amazing!!!!! I'm so happy for you. Isn't it great when you start seeing such impressive, continued results? That just gives you more motivation to keep it up. I knew liquids would work for you. Congratulations again. I'm proud of you.

Well, everyone have a happy day! I'll check in later!

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742,000 calories burned
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Ammi-I think it was thinking I was going to die that did more than anything. What he said to me made me mad, not inspired. As for shoe sizes, at my largest, I was a 13. When I lost weight, I went down to an 11, and now I’m a 12 after all the walking I do now. I haven’t worn a size 6 shoe since I was 6 years old.

Valerie-I don’t even remember what the guys name was. I suppose I could find it on my medical records somewhere. I vaguely remember him looking like one of those marathon running, wheat grass drinking eccentric.

Wyllenn-Your new picture makes you look at least 10 years younger.

Lillion-I’ve been feeling the same way about eating. I’m so nervous right now, that I’m trying to balance not eating too much, with not getting down on myself too much. I will be so glad to get this immigration stuff over with Wednesday, so I can refocus.

Annie-I’m glad that you are feeling better. Another 6.5 pounds you will never see again, and good riddance.

Lisa-I think sometimes these things happen just to remind us that we are in it for the long haul, and that we have to be diligent.

Meta-I never let people like that cardiologist touch me inside. That’s actually been bad in a way over the years. I had trouble letting anyone inside. I prefer being open now to the way I was then.

I know I’ve forgotten about half of you ladies, but I’m just so tired. I’ve been cleaning all day to get ready for the party on Wednesday. Who vacuums a patio? I’m so nervous about Wednesday that my perfectionism is at high mark. I actually told him that he couldn’t use the bathroom sink for the next two days because I had already cleaned it. He wanted to know if he should wash his hands in the toilet, and I told him it wouldn’t make much of a difference. I’m just trying not to lose it. I’ll hope to catch up with everyone later in the week.
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One of my oldest friends came by to see our apartment for the first time. She goes to school in Lansing (3+ hours away), so I don't get to see her all that often. It's amazing how having company, can make you NOT think of food! I think I need to have company ALL the time! lol! I'll be around for a little while, and then it's OFF to the gym!

Jenn - Can't wait to hear if you've lost more!!!! I'm sure you have!!!

Michelle - Man oh man...doesn't sound like the best of weeks, that's for sure!!!

Lilion - Whenever I go to Applebees, I just have to HIDE the dessert menu!!! It's far too tempting. I love the fact that they have the WW menu. I just wish Andrew didn't HATE Applebee's!

LAnne - That's GREAT news that you lost another 3 pounds!!! And that'll be so nice to be able to eat 'real' food again, huh?!

Lesley - Good for you for not just calling it a non-exercise day, since your class got cancelled! That'd determination!!!

Divaintraining - Hello and WELCOME to the 300 + boards!!! It can be SO hard to 'admit' to your weight, but that's the first step. I don't know anything about the 'smash' diet, so I am of no help there, but I look forward to seeing you around!

Annie - ANOTHER 6 POUNDS!!! That is so fantastic!!! You are going to hit that 460, and you're going to completely blow it out of the water, at the rate you're going!!!!
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